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Band: 7HY

Title: For The Record

Label: Lions Pride Music


'For The Record' is the third album from British Hard rockers 7HY the brainchild of ex-Shy drummer song-writer Alan Kelly along with Shawn Pelata and takes up where last years ‘Stories We Tell' album left off.

The twinning of Kelly and Pelata has worked its magic once again as they bring forth their own brand of great melodic hard rock to the masses, with Kelly the man of many hats as he provides guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, backing vocals on the album, along with Pelata on lead vocals, with guest appearances by Danny Beardsley (lead guitars), Eliot Kelly (rhythm guitars) and Andrew Chick (additional rhythm guitars).

This Anglo-American combo and guests has really pushed the bar with this third album, which is a very diverse mix of hard and melodic rock that makes for great listening.

Things get underway with ‘Never Say Goodbye’, a great example of the 7HY sound we’ve become familiar with on the last two albums.  This is hooked filled Melodic Hard Rock, the sound that made this genre what it is.

‘Burning Rain’ carries on the same vein, but with crunchier edged guitar sounds and a little more keyboards than its predecessor, but where Kelly and the band have expanded the envelope of the 7HY sound is on the likes of ‘Nothing Hurts Me’.  This has just a touch of the epic about it and is just taste of what’s to come.

It's back to the hard rocking with the no-nonsense rocker ‘Uprising’, before the first of those really epic sounding tracks off the album, the well titled ’Be Who We Want’.  The band aren’t sticking to formats with this album, this is their album and they are doing what they want and mixing things up is the 7HY way. 

Things get epic, almost reaching Melodic Metal proportions with the excellent ‘Can’t Let You Go’.  This is Pelata at his vocal best, as this one brings out the best in the man from Richmond, Virginia and that same hard-hitting crunching vibe is continued with lick laden ‘That Song’. 

The tempo is brought back down with the pure bred Melodic Rock sounds of ‘Strangers Again’, with Pelata bringing an almost Gary John Barden edge to this one vocally. 

Then it's time to funk things up with the excellent ‘We Can Be Strong’.  This groove filled rocker will have you rocking along from beginning to end, before that classic Melodic Rock sound is brought back in spades with the soaring melodies of ‘I’m Gonna Love You’.  This one has more layers than you can count behind the soaring guitars and keyboards, there is an almost U2’s Edge guitar riff running through it, that just explodes to the forefront near the end of the track. 

It's back to the Hard Rocking once more with the storming ‘What Love Can Make Me Do’, before the album closes on another epic note with the simply stunning ‘What Is the World’.  This is where the envelope is really pushed out, this is a great way to close another great album and one that will really put the name of 7HY on the Melodic Rock map for sure.

And you can quote me on that, for the record.

Review by: Barry McMinn



1.  Never Say Goodbye
2.  Burning Rain
3.  Nothing Hurts Me Like You
4.  Uprising
5.  Be Who We Want
6.  Can't Let You Go
7.  That Song
8.  Strangers Again
9.  We Can Be Strong
10. I'm Gonna Be You 
11. What Love Can Make Me Do
12. What Is The World?


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