Album Reviews
Band: A Hill To Die Upon

Title: Via Artis Via Mortis

Label: Luxor Records

A bit of context for you, AHTDU is a blackened death metal band from Illinois USA.  Having 3 previous releases under their belts, AHTDU have toured extensively across the states and Europe and 2017 marks the release of their 4th full-length album 'Via Artis Via Mortis'.

All out aggression is the order of the day with the black metal gospel spread across 9 songs.  There is a broad range of noticeable influences evident such as trademarks of Behemoth and Mgla lingering in the mix.  For the most part AHTDU flex their muscles on some very well thought out lyrics and storytelling.  Unfortunately, the quality of the music somewhat deters the well-honed text.  It is simply not up to scratch with a lack of urgency across the laboured songs. 

On balance, a testament of old school black metal.  However, it feels generic and somewhat constrained thus placing this release into the category of inadequacy.  

Review by: Rob Herald



1. Melpomene and Thalia 
2. Jubal and Syrinx 
3. Artifice Intelligence 
4. Sorcery And Sudden Vengeance 
5. "I Was There When You Went Under The Water"
6. Great Is Artemis Of The Ephesians 
7. The Garden
8.  Mosin Nagant
9.  St Cocaine  


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