Album Reviews
Band: Absolva

Title: Defiance

Label: Rocksector Records

Last time I checked in with the Absolva band camp was back in 2014 during the ‘Anthems to the Dead’ era.  Since then they have notched another studio release under their belt and played as backing musicians (studio and live) on two of Blaze Bayley’s solo albums.

What I immediately noticed is that ‘Defiance’ sounds like classic Absolva.  This may be an obvious statement, but the British quartet have crafted out their own identifiable sound and tone that makes them stand well above the copious amount of other classic metal acts.

What I love about this record is the unashamed NWOBHM (particularly Iron Maiden) influence that bleeds through every track.  Fist pumping metal anthems are plentiful as epitomized in ‘Alarms’, ‘Midnight Screams’ and ‘Rise Again’.  Stacks of memorable melodies and hooks had me returning to songs such as ‘Reflection’ and ‘Life on the Edge’ time and time again.  The standout track has to be ‘Fistful of Hate’, which sounds akin to Iron Maiden’s ‘Stranger in a Strange Land’.  Starting with a thunderous galloping bassline, this gem has an absolute stonking chorus and packs enough melodic clout to satisfy the most die-hard metal fan.

If the Oxford English dictionary had a single word to describe contemporary classic metal it would be listed as ‘Absolva’.  ‘Defiance’ is incredibly addictive; it ticks all the right boxes and is without a doubt a high contender for album of the year!! \M/ \M/ 

Review by: Rob Herald



1.  Life On The Edge
2.  Defiance
3.  Rise Again
4.  Fistful of Hate
5.  Never Be The Same
6.  Alarms
7.  Connections
8.  Midnight Screams
9.  Life And Death
10.  Eclipse 
11. Who Dares Wins
12. Reflection


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