Album Reviews
Band: Adrenalin Rush

Title: Soul Survivor

Label: Frontiers Music Srl

It’s been three years since we were introduced to Adrenaline Rush and since that time there has been a few line-up changes, as out goes Ludvig and Soufian, who left the band to focus on other project, and in comes Sam Soderlindh (lead guitar) and Joel Fox (bass), who join Alexander Hagman (guitar) and Marcus Johansson (drums)

Another change is how Wanning has taken the Adrenaline Rush sound by the horns and really beefed it up for this new release.  As the album soon proves with the opener, the aptly titled ‘Adrenalin’, a full-on heads down, slab of energy fuelled hard rock, that gets the album off to a great start and from here on in, there is no looking back.

Next is the first single off the album ‘Love is Like Poison’.  Another no-holds barred rocker that really shows what a great addition to the band Soderlindh is, as he throws out he lick after fiery lick.  He continues to impress on the next one ‘Breaking the Chains’, but it’s the vocal might of Wanning that really brings this one to life, think a harder version of Steve Nicks for this one.

The tempo but not the quality is brought down a touch with the excellent title track ‘Soul Survivor’, on which Wanning delivers the goods, but also shows off that she can be soulful, as well as delivering the power when needed, (anyone who caught the debut will know all about this).  She has come such a long way since her pop days with Peaches.

It's back to the hard rocking with a bang with ‘Stand My Ground’.  If I had to pick out one track from the album that states where the band are now, then this would be it.  It's a real gritty, heavy driven, guitar laden offering that has an explosive chorus, that just fuels the track like a nitro injection.  One of the best songs on the album for me. 

Things are picked up another gear with raucous rocker ‘My Life’, before a real switch with the heady bass driven ‘Break the Silence’.  This is the band at its darkest on this album.  The band may have one foot rooted in the 80’s, but the other one has broken free and is pure modern Melodic Metal, as this song really shows. 

That heavier side of the hard rock genre is brought to the mix with ‘Sinner 2’ and the storming ‘Shock Me’, with its almost Kissesque driven bass lines courtesy of Fox.  Fox continues to keep the bass at a max into ‘Wildside’, another great rock n' roller.

It's time for some fancy bluesy funk licks from Soderlindh for ‘Don’t Wake Me Up’, before this excellent sophomore release closes as it opened, with another trail blazing rocker in ‘Crash’.  This wraps up a great album and will surely put the band on the rock n' roll map for sure.  This album shows maturity and how much the band has grown since their debut.  If you like your rocking hard and dirty, then it’s time to feel the Rush.

Review by: Barry McMinn



1.  Adrenaline
2.  Love Like Poison
3.  Soul Survivor
4.  Stand My Ground
5.  My Life
6.  Break The Silence
7.  Sinner
8.  Shock Me
9.  Wild Side
10. Don't Wake Me Up 
11. Crash 


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