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Band: Arthemis

Title: Blood, Fury, Domination

Label: Scarlet Records

The origins of Thrash Metal may have come out of the Bay Area of San Francisco, but for the future of the genre you have to cross the Atlantic and even the North Sea, into the heart of Europe and into Italy where you will find the mighty Arthemis.  A band that has grown in stature since its inception.

Led by the six-string wizard Andrea Martongelli, aided and abetted by vocal supremo Fabio Dessi and the hard hitting rhythm section of Giorgio Terenziani and Francesco Tresca, the band bring their own brand of Melodic Thrash back with a bang, with their latest opus ‘Blood, Fury, Domination’.

The album showcases perfectly the bands ability to mix high octane riffs with a powerhouse bass and drum sound, capped off with a powerful towering vocal, which all combined in a tight, speed infused mix of traditional Thrash and modern Metal.

From the opener ‘Undead’, the band lay down their intensions for the album for the world to hear.  A blistering mix of classic Slayer driven styled riffs, but with the vocals of bringing that modern edge to proceedings.

The no-hold barred Melodic Thrash is given a little Middle Eastern edge with the excellent ‘Black Sun’, before ripping into the massive speed fest that is ‘Blood Red Sky’.  This is where Martongelli really lights up the fret-board, throwing out great lick after great lick.

You're given no chance to catch your breath as it's heads-down metal all the way with the storming ‘Blistering Eyes’, then the breather comes with the stunning Metal Ballad ‘If I Fall’.  This is where frontman Dessi really shows what a great talent he is and how his addition to the band in 2009, has really brought band forward.

It's back to the blistering Metal with the stunning ‘Warcry’, again with Martongelli really showing he can shred with the best of them, as he takes the six string to Warp Factor 9.  And speaking of speed, Tresca really kicks major ass on the drums.  I don’t know how many skins this guy gets through, but I bet it’s a lot!

My favourite track off the album has to be ‘Into The Arena’.  This one has it all, blistering riffs, a huge back-beat and a superb vocal.  Which is where the band shows that Melodic Metal element to more effect and it is this talent that makes them stand out from the other Thrash Metal bands.  Anyone can play fast, but mixing speed and melody successfully is an art form, and Arthemis have enough to start their own gallery.

There's a touch of the Power Metal about ‘Dark Fire’, before the band really mix things up with ‘Firetribe’, as they bring in some South American tribal drums in to the mix.  Now there's something you don't hear every day on your typical metal album!  All this before the guys bring back that Melodic Thrash element with the massive ‘Inner-Fury Unleashed'.

The album closes as it started, with a heads-down, horns in the air slice of Metal with ‘Ritual’.

This is without a doubt the bands finest album to date and shows the diverse Metal that these guys can deliver.  If you’re looking for modern Thrash that can stand the test of time, then look no further, because Italy has it and it just goes to show ... “YOU HAVE TO EAT MORE PASTA FOR MORE POWERRRRR!!!

Review by: Barry McMinn



1. Undead 
2. Black Sun 
3. Blood Red Sky 
4. Blistering Eyes 
5. If I Fall 
6. Warcry 
7. Into The Arena
8. Dark Fire 
9. Firetribe 
10. Inner-Fury Unleashed 
11. Rituals 


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