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Band: Bad Touch

Title: Truth Be Told

Label: Bad Touch Records


Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the 2nd album from Bad Touch, this fine 5 piece Classic Rock band who hail from Norfolk, but who Rock like they have just emerged from the Free/Bad Company era, with a smattering of the Black Crowes thrown in, even looking the part to boot when you see them live, which is a must for you folks out there, as these song are made for a live airing.  


Kicking off with the Southern 'drawl' from singer Stevie Westwood, 'One More Night; has the similar infectious groove that said Crowes bought along to the party in the early 1990's, as does the hip-thrusting, Southern fried ''Under My Skin' just for good measure. The song that really gets you moving (and the best on the album) is the Planet Rock fave '99%', a real Stonesy romper that gets under your skin, and ,as it does when played live (which I've seen!).  It's impossible to stay still too! This track is one of two mixed by Chris Kimsey, and also 'stars' Jodie Marie on backing vocals, all building up to showing how it epitomizes Bad Touch as that feel good factor band that just go out and enjoy themselves, tagging the audience along for the ride, which in my experience, they do.

Now, is it me, or does 'Waiting For This' remind you of Thunder? There's something about the stabbing riff and thudding drumbeat that echoes 'Wonder Days', but on a slower tempo, though it still rocks up like a bugger, especially when the soaring solo from Rob 'G; Glendinning takes the song to another level, and that, my dear friends, is where Bad Touch's secret weapon is!  


Seeing them live recently, Rob looks like he has just finished marking Homework before strapping his guitar on, as compared to the rest of the band (at the moment), he looks anything but a Rock guitarist with the short side parted hair, glasses and normal-looking clothes, but Jumping Jiminy, he stunned EVERYONE at The Cluny that night with the way he played his six-string, and it just goes to prove you should never judge a book by it's cover, as his input on this album proves that beyond any doubt!! 


Continuing along the rockier edged way, 'Heartbreaker Soulshaker' shimmies away with some more groove-laden fretwork from Wor Rob and Daniel 'Seeks' Seekings, then on 'Let The Sun Shine', the gloves are off as again Jodie Marie has her part to play within this mega-foot tapper, where you find drummer George Drewry having a field day on his skins, Westwood thoroughly enjoying himself along the way by the sounds of it, and it's such a pity the track is just that tad too short (for me, anyway).  


'Take Your Time' reverts back to the Crowes theme, it's slower pace set against Westwood's slightly too loud vocals, where maybes a more softer tone may have been better for the song in general, as he does in fits and starts, but for me, not quite enough throughout, though on the more up-tempo 'My Mother Told Me', not only does he put his heart fully into it, he also shoves in the rest of his internal organs for the Hell of it, giving the song a boost in the right direction.

Wor Rob comes up trumps once again with a huge solo at the beginning of the acoustic-led slowie 'Outlaw', one for the Cowboys out there, and this is where bassist Michael Bailey matches up to the riffage that ensues, his combined rhythm section with Drewry punching away steadily as the song unfolds, carrying along onto the snappy go happy head-nodder 'Made To Break', then a Purplesque 'Burn' era sounding 'Healing Hand'.  All rock n' funky at the same time.  So maybes the band aren't shy when it comes to allow their joint influences to seep through now and then, and why not? Think they're the only ones to have done it?? 


The one song that you must listen carefully to is the epic, thought-provoking beast  'The Mountain', which is all based around the state we're getting into by raping our Planet of all it's resources for our own greed, and for the final time on the album, Wor Rob exceeds as his solo rips through this track in anger. Good on ya, my son!!


'Truth Be Told' is one fine Rock album from this bunch of young 'uns, and for a certain Rock Mag to be almost scathing about it isn't cricket, chaps, as I think the band know themselves they ain't gonna re-invent the wheel with their music (yet who is??), and if you want proof of how good a band Bad Touch is, get your arse down to see them on the Planet Rock Roadstars Tour (along with Broken Witt Rebels) at the London Borderline, and see just how well these songs go over live. You may end up eating humble pie for once!

Review by: Robb Baldwin



1.  One More Night
2.  99%
3.  Waiting For This
4.  Under My Skin
5.  Heartbreaker Soulshaker
6.  Take Your Time
7.  Let The Sun Shine
8.  My Mother Told Me
9.  Outlaw
10. Made To Break
11. Healing Hand
12. The Mountain


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