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Band: Bigfoot

Title: Bigfoot

Label: Frontiers Music Srl


You know you’re seeing something special when seeing bands play live when the hairs on the back of your head stand up and rock along to the tunes. This moment happened to me back on the 20th July 2014, when a young band you had just been together a few months blew me away with their energy and professionalism and now just three years later, that band Bigfoot are about to unleash their much anticipated debut release simply entitled 'Bigfoot'.

The five guys from Wigan have come a long way and this new albums shows it.  For a debut album from a still young bunch of guys, this is one hell of a rock album.

The album covers the many great facets this band has, from the stunning vocals of Anthony Ellis, to the stunning twin guitar work of Sam Millar and Mick McCullagh, bound together by the powerhouse rhythm section of Matt Avery on bass and Tom Aspinall on drums.

Things get underway with the stomping rocker ‘Karma’, which instantly kicks the album into top gear.  This is hard rocking, straight shooting modern rock at its very best.

The album continues its hard rocking path with the lick fuelled ‘The Fear’.  Another great song that will have you rocking along from the first to last chord, as will the next one, the stunning ‘Tell Me A Lie’.  Again the Millar McCullagh partnership delivers the goods, with a little 'Welcome to the Jungle' style riffing.

But this band has more to give that heads down hard rock, as the stunning melodic ballad 'Forever Alone' shows.  Ellis delivers a stunning moving vocal.  As modern ballads go, this is a wonderful example and from a young band this is even more special.  This is definitely a band with song writing talents beyond there years.

It's back to the hard rocking once more with the rip snorting ‘Eat Your Words’, before the hard hitting ‘Prisoner Of War’ with its bluesy riff running through it.  All of which leads nicely into the all-out rocker ‘Freak Show’, this is Bigfoot at their hard hitting best.  Big licks and a powerhouse rhythm section, all iced by those powerful Ellis' vocals.  A real lesson in how to mix classic hard rock with a modern vibe, this has to be one of my favourite tracks off the album.

The guys keep their feet firmly on the hard rock pedal with the excellent ‘I Dare You’ and the superb ‘The Devil In Me’, before going for the jugular with twin guitars flaying in ‘Uninvited’.

But if I had to pick one track where the really shows what Bigfoot have in their arsenal, then it would have to be album closer ‘Yours’.  Who says hard rock bands can't do epic, as the boys show how it's done on this eight minute plus slice of pure rock.  There is so much ear-candy in this one I can feel my diabetes number rising after each listen.  This one starts off from humble beginnings with Ellis and a subtle bass line, before exploding into one hell of a track.  This is the band's 'November Rain’ and what a great way to close out this great debut. if the rock gods are looking down on these guys, they are going to be huge.  Bigfoot = Big Sound, Big Future.  Enough said.

Review by: Barry McMinn



1.  Karma
2.  The Fear
3.  Tell Me A Lie
4.  Forever Alone
5.  Eat Your Words
6.  Prisoner Of War
7.  Freak Show
8.  I Dare You
9.  The Devil In me
10. Uninvited  


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