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Band: Black Country Communion

Title: BCCIV

Label: Mascot Records

When it comes to all-star line-ups they don’t come any bigger than Black Country Communion, take virtuoso guitar legend Joe Bonamassa, the skins skills of Jason Bonham, the keyboards of Derek Sherman.  Never mind what has gone before, because BCC are back and back with a bang.  This fourth opus shows what happens when you put such legends together and the produce pure rock n' roll alchemy.  The band's heavy groove filled rock n' roll is what made us sit up and take notice with the debut and album number four continues in a similar vein.

From the opener ‘Collide’, that heavy groove comes thick and fast.  It's hard to pick fault with this so I wont even bother, as the big hitting groove monster continues with excellent ‘Over My Head’, before a switch in style with the simply stunning classic rock fuelled ‘The Last Song For My Resting Place’.  This is the only song the Bonamassa wrote the lyrics for.  This song has a touch of Folkish Rock interwoven with a classic 70’s rock feel to it and is based on the story of Wallace Hartley, the violinist and band leader on the titanic, who became famous for leading the eight member band as the ship sank on 15 April 1912.  This may seem out place if you heard it on it's own, but put into the context of the album as a whole, it just fits really well.

It's back to the heavy grooved rock with ‘The Sway’, before the darker edged feel of ‘The Cove’, which comes as surprise when you find out the song is about Hughes love of Dolphin’s, although it's about how they are slaughtered on what has become known as the Killing Cove (check out The Cove a 2009 documentary film directed by Louie Psihoyos which analyses and questions dolphin hunting practices in Japan). 

The tempo and mood are picked up dramatically with 'The Crow', a real groove monster that definitely takes us back to the band debut album, and this heavy groove is continued on into ‘Wanderlust’.

There is more of that 70’s classic rock feel with ‘Love Remains’.  A song written by Hughes that celebrates to lives of his late Mother and Father.

It’s all systems go with the funky ‘Awake’, before the tempo is brought down with stunning album closer ‘When The Morning Comes’.  A real classy end to another classy BCC album.  Well worth checking out.


Review by: Barry McMinn



1.  Collide
2.  Over My Head
3.  The Last Song For My Resting Place
4.  Sway
5.  The Cove
6.  The Crow
7.  Wanderlust
8.  Love Remains
9.  Awake
10. When The Morning Comes 


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