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Band: Blaze Bayley

Title: Endure And Survive

Label: Blaze Bayley Recordings

'Endure and Survive' is the second album in the trilogy and the follow up to ‘Infinite Entanglement’, as Blaze continues his space odyssey.

Once again Blaze is aided by Absolva’s Chris Appleton, Martin McNee and Karl Schramm, as well as a host of vocal talent, who bring a choral element to this a darker episode in the trilogy.

Anyone who caught the excellent 'Infinite Entanglement' will know how much Blaze has grown as a vocalist and songwriter over the years, and now he returns to bring his Captain William Black character to light once more.

Thing's get underway with the title track ’Endure and Survive’, a real powerhouse opener that takes up exactly where 'Infinite Entanglement' left off, with Blazes towering vocals and Appleton’s fiery guitars against the massive rhythm section of McNee and Schramm.

This powerful guitar fuelled Metal continues with 'Escape Velocity', which is no-nonsense Sci-Fi Metal before the darker edge of the album comes out of the shadows with ‘Blood’, this is where Appleton unleashes pure Metal Hell, aided by an angst fuelled vocal from Blaze.

The album takes a mellower turn with the stunning ‘Eating Lies’, which is a touch of pure Melodic Metal that will rock your world.  This stunning piece is a dark as it is moody.  A glorious piece that just gets better after each listen, but fear not Metalheads, it's back to the harder edged side of things with ‘Destroyer’, before the epic stylings of ‘Dawn of the Dead Son’.  A mix of choral and narratives opens this one up, before a blistering guitar lick really kicks this on into top gear.  This one has an almost Maidenesque feel about it, that will surely hit a chord with the Blaze fans who have remained loyal since his all too short days with Iron Maiden.

The pedal is once more taken off the gas with the folkish ‘Remember’, which features Uli Jon Roth's Corvin Bahn on the accordion, a real side-step from the mostly Metal feel of the album and to be honest, this is a great diverse piece that shines out from the darkness.

This is just a short break as the Metal reprises its roll in the album with the massive ‘Fight Back’, as once again Appleton lights up the fret-board.

The albums darker, moodier feel, come back in spades with ‘The World is Turning the Wrong Way’, before the album closes in style with the eight minute epic ‘Together We Can Move the Sun’.  A real touch of class to end the album.  This is without a doubt one of best tracks you’ll hear from Blaze as this song showcases perfectly his entire vocal range in all its glory, and wraps up an excellent album.

I’ve always said the true mark of a great concept album is that you can take away any track and have it stand on its own, and 'Endure and Survive' has done just that.  I for one can't wait to hear the final opus, which I believe has already been penciled in for 18th March.

Review by: Barry McMinn



1. Endure and Survive 
2. Escape Victory 
3. Blood 
4. Eating Lies 
5. Destroyer 
6. Dawn of the Dead Son 
7. Remember
8. Fight Back 
9. The World is turning the Wrong Way 
10. Together we can move the Sun 


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