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Band: Blind Guardian

Title: Live Beyond The Spheres

Label: Nuclear Blast Records

The name of Blind Guardian is probably the epitome of Teutonic Metal genre, than the other German Metal acts.  Since their inception back in 1984, their ability to mix the traditional Heavy Metal with more progressive elements has been at the forefront of the band’s sound, while never being afraid to remain open-minded and adventurous.

Now in 2017 the band have captured the excitement of their live shows in a 3 CD package entitled 'Live Beyond The Spheres'.

The package consists of material from numerous shows recorded during their European tour in 2015 and includes the classics and more recent tracks, as well as songs that are very rarely played live.

22 tracks over the 3 CD’s and for vinyl lovers, this is also being made available on 4 discs for your delight.

Opening up with the ten-minute epic ‘The Ninth Wave’, things couldn’t get off to better start, as frontman Hansi Kursch and rest of the band deliver what they do best.

Even though the songs were recorded at 10 different shows over the tour, because of the bands ability to produce the goods show after show, these separate records melt seamlessly into each other, so much so that you could easily be listening to one show in its entirety.

While the likes of the ‘The Bard’s Song (In the Forest)’ and ‘Mirror Mirror’ still have the crowds in raptures, so do the rarities such as ‘And Then There Was Silence’.  Although firm favourites off the album for me have to the fifteen-minute splendour of ‘And There Was Silence’.  I’ve always said to bring such a track to a live show is always a risk, as this dominates the set, but Blind Guardian are one of those rare breeds of bands, along with the likes of Rush and Dream Theater, than can get away with such epics, as the songs have so many layers that you are quickly engulfed in the songs splendour and time is no longer important and the music is master.  

I think Kürsch puts it best "Sometimes there's something at a show, let's call it 'MAGIC', that gives us all a shiver up our spine. You can’t forecast such moments and they’re not restricted to certain songs” ...

A must for fans of the band and those who like to indulge in a bit of grandiose power infused Metal.

Review by: Barry McMinn


Tracklisting - CD One:

1.  The Ninth Wave
2.  Banish From Sanctuary
3.  Nightfall
4.  Prophecies
5.  Tanelorn
6.  The Last Candle
7.  And Then There Was Silence  

Tracklisting - CD Two:

1.  The Lord Of The Rings
2.  Fly
3.  Bright Eyes
4.  Lost In The Twilight Hall
5.  Imaginations From The Other Side
6.  Into The Storm
7. Twilight Of The Gods
8.  A Past And Future Secret 

Tracklisting - CD Three:

1.  Sacred Worlds
2.  The Bard's Song (In The Forest)
3.  Valhalla
4.  Wheel Of Time
5.  Majesty
6.  Mirror Mirror


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