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Band: Blue Pills

Title: Live In Paris

Label: Nuclear Blast

I’ve been reviewing albums and live shows for some time now and no matter how many times you listen to an album, you always want to experience those songs live, whether it’s an intimate pub show or a full on arena experience, there really is no substitute, the live experience is always something you remember.

And when a band puts its heart and soul into the live set, this feeds down into the audience and one band whose live shows excel the studio albums is Sweden’s Blues Pills, led by the power vocals and huge stage presence of Elin Larsson.

'Live in Paris' the DVD captures the full force rocking machine that is the Blues Pills.  If you could imagine the late 70’s classic rock sound give an new Millennium overhaul, or to put it another way, if you put a V12 engine into 70’s Mini its going to go like a bullet and that's exactly what Larsson and rest of the band put into their lives shows.  This DVD is real taste of one of the most exciting live bands around.

Opening up the proceedings with the title track of their second album ‘Lady in Gold’, which really set the bar high for the rest of the show and what a show.  The band stick to the heavy grooved rockers with just small break, not only for the band and the crowd to catch their breath, but the viewer too.

The high octane rock is kept to the max with ‘Little Boy Preacher’.  Watching Larsson perform live it’s easy to see why she been likened to modern Janis Joplin, she has that same stage presence Joplin had and I’m sure she’d approve of this statement.

As the set is continued with ‘Bad Talkers’, before the band take things up another level with the storming ‘Won’t Go Back’.

It’s to the bands self-titled debut album for ‘Black Smoke'.  This one starts slowly but soon builds into a full blown rocker, that really gives guitarist Dorian Sorriaux full reign to really ignite the fret board up on this one, which he continues to keep it going for ‘Bliss’, another great full on rocker.

The band take no prisoners when playing live, but they do have some mellower moments and ‘Little Sun’ is one of those moments.  This gives Larsson a chance to show off her soulful side, although this is just a short reprise as it's back on the gas once again for the Tony Joe White cover ‘Elements And Things’.

It's back to that 70’s classic sound for the heavy grooved ‘You Gotta Try’, before Larsson dedicates the next one to all the high class ladies on the audience, the song of course is ‘High Class Woman’.

'Ain’t No Change' keeps things rocking along before all hell is let loose with the superb ‘Devil Man’, as the all out assault it's time to slow things down, as the band leave the stage and Larsson takes a seat at the keyboard for the moving ‘I Felt A Change’.  As she leaves the stage to rapturous cheers the stage goes dark, the cheers for more fill the venue and more they get as the band return to round of 75 minutes of pure rock n' roll magic.  Larsson introduces the band before they rock out with ‘Rejection’ and ‘Gone So Long’.

If you’d had any doubt about what Blues Pills are all about then check out this DVD.  If you thought the studio albums were good then live shows are just superb.  A band definitely on their way to stardom.

Review by: Barry McMinn



1.  Lady In Gold
2.  Little Boy Preacher
3.  Bad talkers
4.  Won't Go Back
5.  Black smoke
6.  Bliss
7.  Little Sun
8.  Elements And Things  


9.  You Gotta Try
10. High Class Woman
11. Ain't No Change 
12. Devil Man 
13. I Felt A Change
14. Rejection 
15. Gone So Long



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