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Band: Burnt Out Wreck

Title: Swallow

Label: Independent Release


For me, Aussie band Airbourne were given short thrift in some of the Rock media when they first started making waves over here in Blighty, simply because they had the audacity to sound similar to the great AC/DC, branded 'wannabes and unoriginal' by the hounds out there.  Fortunately for the 'Bourne', they managed to ram such rubbish back down the throats of those A-holes by proving that they are an honest, hardworking band doing what THEY want to do, and it seems to have worked, as they now get nowt but rave reviews all round. So what now for those Hounds of the Bastardvilles? Who can they prey on to stick their knives into?? Well, you'd better watch out, Burnt Out Wreck, 'cos on evidence of the album you've just had released, whether it's intentional or not, there are going to be massive comparisons towards Angus & co., so hopefully you've got thick skin!!


Formed in 2016 by Gary Moat, ex-drummer/songwriter of 80's rockers Heavy Pettin', joined by long time pal Adrian Dunn on guitar, they set about recruiting Paul Gray on drums, Alex Carmichael on bass and their mate Miles Goodman on rhythm guitar, and Bob's yer Uncle ... Burnt Out Wreck, who do Rock the way we all like it, hard 'n heavy, so get ready you air guitarists out there, this is your wet dream come true.  From the off, the main thing that stands out, is the fact that G. Moat's voice is incredibly like a certain Bon Scott and will be constantly compared to (not a bad thing tho'!), but opener 'Burnt Out Wreck' sounds more as if he's fronting M.S.G circa 1982, the Hard Rocker busting at the seams with riffola's galore before the inevitable kicks in on 'Swallow', and the comparisons will start to flood in as the familiar Angus riffage kicks the song into life, followed by those vocals that will need no introduction, and it's as if we've been transported back to 1979.

Now, there's double entendre and there's 'double entendre' when it comes to songwriting, but when it comes to 'Pulling It Out', I suggest you get the kids out of the room before you listen to it, as I mean, Holy Crap ... this would even make the cast of the 'Carry On' films blush!  The first two lines are 'Pulling it out, pushing it in', for Christ-sake, but from then on, this great 3 chord infectious groover hits the Viagrra button, and those riffs once again shoot off like .. well .. it WILL be a fave on the live circuit, no doubt about that!  


'She's A Dirty Love' struts away with some super-swanky guitar licks that fans of Thunder will be familiar to, Dunn sending his solo out to 'Infinity and beyond' as he does on the (again!) Thunder-esque bluesy/rocked barnstormer 'She's The One', Gary Moat taking the song to a different level with his brilliant vocals, which, you have to remember, this guy was / is a drummer in his past life!!  The punchy 'Talk About Love' growls 'n grinds away for all it's worth, while 'Medusa' swaggers along with as much attitude as Donald Trump would have in the Moonlite Bunnyranch, yeah, THAT much!

'Flames' heads back into laid back groove of AC/DC land, Dunn yet again blistering his way through a snorter of a solo, the tempo never raising above gas mark 5, before the Rock ballad 'Your Love (is all I need)' glides along and we all take a breather, the band really sounding like themselves for maybes the first time, no comparisons to be made, just straight up 'this is B.O.W', then up pops the hip-swaying bluesy 'Rocking Man' and we can all shrug our shoulders and boogie away like a good 'un.  'Nuff said! 


The end of the album comes along in a straightforward manner with 'Best Of Your Life', a straight up an' at 'em rocker with no frills, just the band setting about the listener with all guns a-blazin', Moat finishing as he started, no messin' job done, just what you want from a smashing band like Burnt Out Wreck and a cracker of an album for 2017.


Review by: Robb Baldwin



1. Burnt Out Wreck 
2. Swallow 
3. She's The One 
4. Pulling It Out 
5. Talk About Love 
6. Medussa 
7. Flames
8. She's A Dirty Love
9.. Your Love (Is All I Need)  
10. Rocking Man
11. Best Of Your Life  


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