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Band: Coldspell

Title: A New World Arise

Label: Escape Music

Well who would have thought it, the Scandinavian Hard Rock albums would be like the British Summers.  It takes three years for another great one, then when they come, they bring H.E.A.T. and then a Coldspell.

This is the second album in as many reviews that sees a much anticipated release from some of Sweden's finest rockers.  I’m talking this time about the band from Kiruna / Uppsala / Stockholm, the mighty Coldspell.

The band bring their own brand of guitar laden Hard Rock with their latest album 'A New World Arise', which follows their critically acclaimed 'Frozen Paradise' album.

Once again Niclas Swedentorp, Micke ‘Coldspell’ Larsson, Chris Goldsmith and Perra Jonansson bring their A- game with this new release, as things get off to a great start with ‘Forevermore’.  No fancy intro’s here as it's straight into the Hard Rocking as Larsson unleashes pure hell on the six-string, firing on all six right from the off.  This lays down the foundations for the hell-bent rhythm section of Goldsmith's bass and Jonansson’s drums, with the icing on the cake those majestic vocals of Swedentorp.  This alchemy of band members produces pure Hard Rock gold and this is just the opener.

The album continues with the new single ‘Call of the Wild’, a track as sharp as a Swedish Winter, again featuring more soaring riffs from Larsson and a back-beat that hits harder than hailstones.  A real classy rocker, with a flurry of keyboards provided by Matti Eklund, the first of the guest keyboardists on the album.

The keyboard intro on the next track ‘It Hurts’ is provided by Jona Tee (H.e.a.t.), another powerful slice of pure Scandi hard rocking as the album keeps you hooked and waiting in bated breath for the next. And believe me what comes next is just superb.  ‘Miles Away’ just rocks big style before things take a mellower refrain, but with plenty of those soaring melodies with ‘Signs’.  Not quite a ballad, but this one gives us a taste of Swedentorp’s soulful side of his vocals.  There are airs of Robert Plant about him on this one. 

The band switch things up a bit by bringing in a little Southern Blues vibe (Stockholm style), mixed into the rocking ‘Love Me Like You Do’.  There is a just of touch of 70’s Hard Rock sewn into the lining of this one.

It's back to the straight shooting Hard Rock with the fantastic ‘This Is Me’, which has go down as my favourite track of the album so far.  The previous tracks have all been stunning, but this one just raises the bar a touch higher.

The hard rocking just keeps coming as it's all systems go once more with ‘Get to The Top’, where Larsson is let loose on the six-string and gives it all he’s got on this one.  If riffing was money, then Larsson would be loaded.  All this is added to by guest keyboard maestro Ged Rylands (Tyketto / Rage of Angels).

The band really go into overdrive on this album and one track that shows what three years away can produce with the stunning ‘Wait Until Tomorrow’, and this keeps on going with the hard hitting ‘Losin My Mind’, the heaviest track on the album so far.  A dirty down tuned riff drives this one, that it combined with a sweet and nasty rhythm section. 

But for pure Scandi Rock heaven, then you have to check out the massive ‘Just One Night’.  This is pure bred Melodic Hard Rock at its finest and is typical of the class act that is Coldspell.  Sadly I’m afraid all good things must come to an end, but this isn’t a bad thing in the case of 'A New World Arise’, as the album closes with the six-minute spectacular that is the title track.  This one is just pure class and rounds off another great album for the Swedes. To be honest I wouldn’t have expected anything less from a band that have impressed from their debut and continue to give it their all for the music they and we love, and long my it continue.

And unlike a British Summer we can always expect the very best from this Coldspell. 

Review by: Barry McMinn



1.  Forevermore
2.  Call If The Wild 
3.  It Hurts
4.  Miles Away
5.  Signs
6.  Love Me Like You Do
7.  This Is Me
8.  Get To The Top
9.  Wait Until Tomorrow
10. Losing My Mind  
11. Just One Night
12. A New World Arise


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