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Band: Cradle Of Filth

Title: Cryptoriana: The Seductiveness of Decay

Label: Nuclear Blast

It has been nearly a quarter of a century since Cradle of Filth unleashed their landmark debut album 'The Principles Of Evil Made Flesh'.  Over the years the band have solidified themselves into Black Metal history with a career immersed in controversy and commercial success.  2015 saw the Suffolk metaller’s rekindle their creative spark with the well-received 'Hammer of the Witches' and this latest offering ('Cryptoriana: The Seductiveness Of Decay') sees the band push the creative envelope even further. 

The unrelenting assault of the first few compositions demonstrate the sextet has not lost sight of their game with 'Exquisite Torments Await' and 'Heartbreak And Séance' unleashing blackened hell.  Romanticizing with their past 'Achingly Beautiful' could have been sliced straight out of the bands 'Dusk And Her Embrace' era. 'Western Vespertine' and 'The Seductiveness of Decay' go all out on the blackened Iron Maiden’esque harmonies that are an absolute joy! 

The tracks continue to spew forth with 'You Will Know The Lion By His Claw' and 'Death And The Maiden', encapsulating the spirit of what the band represents.  'The Night At Catafalque Manor' is a thunderous closer with stomping rhythms adorned in melancholic and symphonic undertones. One of the underpinning strengths of this record is the splendid guitar work. Two albums into the fold, both Richard Shaw and Marek Šmerda flex their shred skills to the extreme working in tandem from start to finish.  Not only that, but the quality of the song writing is very high with each composition flowing freely with distinctive memorable ideas. 

'Cryptoriana' delivers all expectations of a great album and then some! Cradle of Filth show so signs of slowing down and here’s to hoping this creative renaissance for the UK black metallers continues.

Horns up to this one!!! \m/ \m/


Review by: Rob Herald



1.  Exquisite Torments Await
2.  Heartbreak And Seance
3.  Achingly Beautiful
4.  Wester Vespertine
5.  The Seductiveness Of Decay
6.  Vengeful Spirit
7. You Will Know The Lion By His Claw
8.  Death And The Maiden
9.  The Night At Catafalque Manor  


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