Album Reviews
Band: SepticFlesh

Title: Codex Omega

Label: Prosthetic Records

Like so many great bands that get recommended to me I am heavily embarrassed to admit that ‘Codex Omega’ is my first contact with SepticFlesh (although I did see them on the ‘Titan’ tour so I suppose that counts for something).  Upon hearing the first single ‘Dante’s Inferno’, I knew I had to check out this latest release.

Without omission, ‘Codex Omega’ is an exemplary display of extreme metal.  All the compositions are incredibly thought out, well structured and sound impeccable.  Tracks such as ‘Martyr’, ‘Enemy of Truth’ and ‘Dark Art’ are breath-taking anthems draped in gothic and symphonic overtones.  The use of orchestral arrangements never outstay their welcome and the sparing addition of clean vocals add new levels of grandeur to this opus.

Considering I know little of SepticFlesh’s back catalogue I can hardly be accused of arse-licking when I say that I find this album near faultless!  Although there may be nothing new or surprising to long time fans of the band, there is no denying that this is a towering collection of songs. 

To put it simply, ‘Codex Omega’ is a masterstroke of metal that will undoubtedly be remembered as one of this year’s finest releases. 

Review by: Rob Herald



1.  Dante's Inferno  
2.  3rd Testament (Codex Omega)
3.  Portrait Of A Headless Man
4.  Martyr
5.  Enemy Of Truth
6.  Dark Art
7.  Our Church, Below The Sea
8.  Faceless Queen
9.  The Gospels Of Fear  
10. Trinity


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