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Band: Shameless

Title: The Filthy 7

Label: RSR Music


‘The Filthy 7’ is the long awaited follow up to Shameless’ acclaimed 'Beautiful Disaster', as head honcho Alexx Michael takes us on a wild ride of pure sleazed up rock n' roll with his band of glam all-stars.  Joining Michael for the ride this time we find Stevie Rachelle, Steve 'Sex' Summers (Pretty Boy Floyd), B.C, Tommy Wagner, Tracii Guns (LA Guns) and Frankie Muriel (King of the Hill).

It's time to rejoice as Shameless bring their full-on party rock to the mix, as the album kicks off with in true Shameless style with ‘How The Story Goes’ and instantly that Sunset sound of the 80’s comes flooding back, as Stevie Rachelle lays downs that gritty vocal made famous with Tuff.  Oh boy, what a great way to start the album off.

The band have always brought the odd cover to their albums and 'The Filty 7' is no exception, as the band put a great sleaze groove on Billy Ocean's hit ‘Get Out of Dreams, Get into My Car’.  A really great version that will demand you get up and starting dancing along to it from the off.

There is punky edge to ‘I Don’t Wanna Know’ it has that Ramones gritty 70’s New York vibe about it, before rocking things back up big style with the Kiss styled rocker ‘Can’t Get Enough’.

The tempo is brought down a touch with the ballad ‘It Can’t Be That Bad’, this is band's 'Every Rose...' element of the album, which is just a short reprise from the kick-ass rock n' roll returns back the Sunset for ‘Serial Cheater’ and the raucous rock n' roll anthem ‘WTF R U’.  A song that makes me want to dig out my spandex, cowboy boots, back-comb the locks and hit the town rocking loud and proud.

Things get a little real with the excellent ‘Love Games’, which would be my pick of favourite for track off the album.  This is Steve ‘Sex‘ Summers at his vocal best.  A real treat for all those Pretty Boy Floyd fans out there as it has that same vibe.

‘Getaway’ has a harder edge to it, a bigger guitar and drum sound.  This one edges towards the Hard Rock side of Shameless and is another of my favourite tracks off the album, because it takes the band out of that 80’s sleaze corner and really shows they can bring in the heat and put a modern spin on things.

It's back to the sleazy elements quickly with ‘Wild In The Night’, with Summers doing the business, before the album closes as it started, with some kick-ass rock n' roll with 'Change Your World’ wrapping up another great rock n' roll album.  Rock is meant to be fun and Shameless bring the party each and every time, and believe me, 'The Filthy 7' has "ROCK PARTY" written all over it.

Review by: Barry McMinn



1. How The Story Goes 
2. Get Out Of My Dreams, Get Into My Car 
3. I Don't Wanna Know  
4. Can't Get Enough 
5. It Can Be That Bad 
6. Serial Cheater 
7. WTF R U
8. Love Games 
9. Getaway 
10. Wild In The Night  
11. Change Your World


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