Album Reviews
Band: Spreading The Disease

Title: Insurrection

Label: Independent Release

I previously reviewed Spreading the Disease’s ‘Viral’ way back when and was not overtly thrilled by their debut EP.  After a line-up overhaul the Kent metaller’s are back with their first full-length album titled ‘Insurrection’.

This release is a marked improvement on the aforementioned, but there are still some rough patches here and there.  ‘Words Unspoken’, ‘Whores of War’ and ‘Last Goodbye’ feature anthemic choruses, but lack that bit of quality in the verse and instrumental sections.  With that being said, there are one of two shimmers of brilliance on show.  The title track is totally killer and the semi ballad of ‘Can't Let Go’ is the definite highlight. The nu-metal vibe of ‘Brexit Wounds’ and ‘Discord’ are probably the more forgettable numbers, but as noted above, this is a step in the right direction.

One can’t help but think this is very much a band in search of its identity and unsure of the direction they ought to be heading in.  Still, there are some promising moments on display of where the band could go. 'Dischord', good chorus but a bit sticky and uninteresting in the verse.  

There are some fine sweet spots such as the semi-ballad ‘Can't Let Go’ and Corey's vocals on 'Can’t Let Go and 'Last Goodbye'.

Review by: Rob Herald



1.  Find My Path
2.  Words Unspoken
3.  Dischord
4.  Spreading The Disease
5.  Greed
6.  Save Me
7.  Whores Of War
8.  Method To My Madness
9.  Can't Let Go
10. Brexit Wounds
11. Last Goodbye


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