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Band: Starsick System

Title: Lies, Hopes & Other Stories

Label: Pride and Joy Music

Starsick System came into being in 2012, as a band of likeminded musicians came together, vocalist and guitarist Marco Sandron (Pathosray, Eden’s Curse, Fairyland, etc), bassist Valeria Battain and lead guitarist David Donati (both known in Syrayde), who were joined by producer-songwriter and drummer on this record, Ivan Moni Bidin.

The band’s debut release 'Daydreamin' saw the light of day on 14 April 2015, an album that received worldwide critical acclaim, then on the back of that album, the band not only shared the stage with Zakk Wylde’s Black Label Society in 2015, but were also picked to play with Ozzy’s actual axeman the mighty Gus G!

Now in 2017 the band return with their sophomore release ‘Lies, Hopes and Other Stories’ and take up where 'Daydreamin' left off, with their own brand Modern Melodic Hard Rock / Metal.

Things get underway with the intro ‘Nebolus’, a 1 minute 14 epic sounding score that leads in the album opener proper ‘I Am the Hurricane’, with an all-out attack on the senses, with a powerful riff Donati leading the way for Sandron to unleash as mighty vocal assault, that really give the album that modern edgy rock sound.

Things continue at breakneck speed with ‘Bulletproof’, again edgy riff fuelled modern Metal, that leads into the tuned down licks of ‘Sinner’.  This is where the band really excel, this is a great catchy rocker that showcases perfectly the bands ability to mix catchy choruses and melodies with heavy riffing, all under the Rock canopy.

There is just a slight slowing of tempo before a heavier, almost grunge driven bass line appears on the opening of The Promise, but it’s the vocals of Sandron that really make this one for me.  He really shows off his extensive range on this one, making it one of my favourite tracks off the album.

The band carries on with the hard-hitting darker side of the tracks with ‘Scars’, before switching things in a totally different direction with the bluesy melodic rock tones of the ballad ‘Everything and More’.

It's pedal to the floor once more with the anthemic ‘Come One, Come All’, a gritty funky slice of Hard Rock that will have you bopping along form the opening chords.

It's classic rocking all the way with the excellent ‘Perfect Lie’, before the tempo is brought down once again with the soaring melody rich tones of ‘Hope’.  The album comes to a close in style, with the film score epic feeling ‘You Know My Name’, which wraps up a great second release.  This is the perfect album for today’s modern rock fan.  If you want something that isn’t to retro and has enough of modern edge to stand out from the crowd, then this is album is for you.  

Review by: Barry McMinn



1.  Nebolus
2.  I Am The Hurricane
3.  Bulletproof
4.  Sinner
5.  The Promise
6.  Scars
7 . Everything And More
8.  Come One, Come All
9.  Perfect Lie
10. Hope 
11. You Know My Name


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