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Band: Steelheart

Title: Through Worlds Of Stardust

Label: Frontiers Music Srl

It's been some 9 years since the last studio album to don the Steelheart name, that album was 'Good 2b Alive', now Miljenko Matijevic is back, aided by Uros Raskovski (lead guitar), James "Rev" Jones (bass) and Mike Humbert (drums ),along with Sigve Sjursen, Jesse Stern, Randy Cooke, Daniel Fouché and Ed Roth, for their latest release 'Through Worlds Of Stardust'.

The band were one of the many victims of the whole Seattle Grunge scene, like many bands they were just coming into their own before the musical styles took a turn to the checked shirt side.  But there was a serious accident that happened on Halloween night in 1992, when an improperly secured lighting truss hit Matijevic on the back of the head, breaking his nose, cheekbone, jaw and twisting his spine.  Matijevic managed to walk off the stage and he was immediately taken to a hospital.  'Steelheart' ended that night.

After a revival in 1996 that name and voice Matijevic wrote a little ditty call ‘We All Die Young’, which was on the Steelheart album 'Wait', which was later re-recorded to be heard on the movie Rockstar, where he provided the singing voice for Mark Wahlberg's character in the movie.

I tell you what, his vocals have never faded, as this new album shows.  The album opens up with no pomp or ceremony, as it's straight into the hard rocking with ‘Stream Light Savings’.  A more straight shooting, hard rocker you’ll not hear this side of Christmas.  If like me, you enjoy the likes of T-Ride, then you’ll really like this one.

The album continues with another slab of hard rock courtesy of the storming ‘Dirty Girl’.  This is pure Sunset Strip sleaze with a modern edgy twist.  A real hard rockers wet dream.  There is a touch of groove thrown into the sleazy mix with ‘Come Inside’, before the down right dirty n' dark rocker ‘My Word’.

The tempo is brought down for a moment with the old school power-ballad ‘You Got Me Twisted’, before Matijevic really shows his soulful side with the true ballad 'Lips of Rain'.  The mellower side of the album continues with the excellent ‘With Love We Will Live Again’, where Matijevic is accompanied by acoustic guitar and backing orchestrations for this heart melter.

The tempo is picked up big style with the County ‘n’ Western infused rocker ‘Got Me Running’, before things take another turn to the mellow, more Melodic Rock side, with the wonderful ‘My Freedom’.   The album closes with another ballad and what a ballad ‘I’m So In Love With You’, with Matijevic at his soulful best.  

This is an album that will take many by surprise.  A real showcase of what Steelheart have to offer the new generation, as well as the fans who have been waiting a long time for an album worthy of the band's debut.

Review by: Barry McMinn



1.  Stream Line Savings
2.  My Dirty Girl
3.  Come Inside
4.  My Word
5.  You Got Me Twisted
6.  Lips Of Rain
7.  With Love We Live Again
8.  Got Me Running
9.  My Freedom
10. I'm So In Love with You


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