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Band: Tokyo Motor Fist

Title: Tokyo Motor Fist

Label: Frontiers Music Srl


First of all ... I don't know where they got the name from, and I don't REALLY want to, just in case ...!!  Secondly ... BUY THIS ALBUM, STEAL IT, GET SOMEONE TO COPY IT (shhh!), DOWNLOAD IT, just do OWT to get yer mitts on what is surely THE Melodic album of 2017!!!  There, that's how I really would start this review, but, I'll go a more rational way about it ... Ahem ... What better way to enjoy the Summer 0f 2017 than sitting with yer Bro's and Brodettes in the garden, a Lemmy (Jack n' coke!) in your hands, and having a whale of a time reminiscing about times back 'in the day' (80's), whilst this stonking album echoes 'round y'all.  Yes folks, this is THE long player that will get the blood rushing to the parts it hasn't reached in ages, and it's all down to Danger Danger vocalist Ted Poley and guitarist/producer Steve Brown of Trixter, coming together with the rhythm section of Greg Smith and Chuck Burgi, to give Spring a boot out of the way with their brand of 80's Heaven revisited.


Right from the opening riff-meistered harmonious monster 'Pickin' Up The Pieces', that erupts from the speakers, to the finale, a storming, pacey, drum-flaying 100mph 'Fallin' Apart', it's Rock Heaven all the way, which has 'Love Me Insane' taking the baton down the lane of Melodic Mastery.  'Whoa whoa's, Hey hey's' in tow to give the track a burst of bounce-ability and fun, that is sadly sometimes missing within this genre, so enjoy it, especially as 'Shameless' beefs up the guitar sound to 11 and the smile only gets wider, as this is on the same lines as that massive U.S. monster hit 'Summertime Girls' by that 'old faithful' Y&T.  


Settling down into that 'AAAH' mood, 'Love' caresses the G spot of Rock balladry like no other.  The tempo slowly melting down for this soft rock gem, that will make the hearts of even the blokiest of blokes melt, the added touch of angelic harmonies once more mellowing the moment like a basket full of kittens! (you've seen the biscuit ads!!).


We're back with a bang on the rockin'  'Black and Blue' as Brown's guitar rips through the intro before stabbing away throughout the song, Burgi matching him stab for stab on the kit, only for them to literally annihilate their instruments on the uber-speedy 'You're My Revolution', both going into meltdown, which Poley and Smith do really well to keep up with!  The slow, sad sounding aura that surrounds 'Don't Let Me Go' puts this ballad on the opposite side to 'Love', more wanting than having, but still heart-tugging no less.  Though the riff that opens up 'Put Me To Shame' soon sorts that out, as this track is a tip of the hat to old school Def Leppard, it's chugging formula of soaring solo and harmonies.  Right up there with what Joe and the lads have served up for our delight in the past, and still do.  


'Done To Me' continues down that route, more of an aggressive vibe due to the thudding drums and big hook 'n riff, but that band's shadow still hangs over the track like Bessie Bunter's shadow, but that ain't a bad thing, is it??

There's more heart-tugging to be done here and 'Get You Off My Mind' almost steals the crown from track 4 as the one for the lighter brigade, but the Marillion-esque intro, for all it's worth, just, for me, won't quite topple that gem, though with all the atmospheric keys, more lush harmonizing and those gentle vocals, pushes all the way.  Still, it's a snorter of a song that would wreak havoc at a Bikers Convention when the heavily tattooed gadgy in the corner is caught humming along!  The thought of it!!  And with the breathless forementioned track finally bringing the album to it's conclusion, the only other thing I can add is that hopefully this won't be the last time we hear from Tokyo Motor Fist, though on first impressions of this quite excellent piece of work, it's gonna have to be something REALLY special to top this. 


Top banana, the dog's bollocks, canny good, like!!


Review by: Robb Baldwin



1.  Pickin' Up The Pieces
2.  Love Me Insane
3.  Shameless
4.  Love
5.  Black And Blue
6.  You're My Revolution
7.  Don't Let Me Go
8.  Put Me To Shame 
9.  Done To Me
10. Get You Off My Mind  
11. Fallin' Apart


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