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Band: Taz Taylor Band

Title: Time And Pressure

Label: Escape Music


It's hard to believe is been 14 years since the release of Taz’s debut release 'Caffeine Racer', an instrumental album that led to album number two 'Welcome to America', Taz’s in 2006 album.  That time round Taylor was joined by the legend that is Graham Bonnet.  The follow-up 'Straight Up' saw light of day in 2009, that time Keith Slack took up the mike stand for that one.

Taz returned to the instrumentals for 'Big Dumb Rock' and 'Deja Voodoo', but now in 2017 returns to Escape Music and to vocals for the new album 'Pressure and Time'. And what a way to return as leading the vocal attack is non-other than Chandler Mogel of Outland and Punky Meadows, along with Barney Firks II on bass and the skin thumper Mr. Val Trainor. 

The album gets underway in style with ‘Something is Ending’.  Right from the off this album has you hooked, Mogul is the perfect fit for this album, while the six-string wizard keeps it real, bringing some classic hard rocking riffs to the mix, all bound together with a monster rhythm section of Trainor and Firks.  This song reminds me very much of the classic MSG sound.

The great hard rocking continues with ‘Whispers in the Night’, a real meat and bone slice of classic rock.  The licks flow like molten lava, while Mogel delivers those dulcet tones.  A real groove filled rock monster, then it’s time for a dose of blues filled rock with the excellent ‘Secrets You Got Over Me’. 

It's back on the Hard Rock highway with the stunning riff fuelled ‘Kissed by Elvis’, this one has a touch of the classic Deep Purple feel about it, I’m talking pre Gillan here, with a modern edge provided by the main man himself Taylor.  That man would give Blackmore a run for his money.  

Bringing a real touch of modern Hard Rock to the mix is the excellent title track ‘Pressure and Time’, where Taylor rips up a veritable six string tsunami on this instrumental masterclass.  No shredding, just pure melodic guitar wizardry. 

The tempo is brought down a touch with another touch of blues with ‘Highway Song’, which is actually one of my favourite tracks off the album.  This one needs to be played at the end of a long day, just as the sun goes down, with a cold one in your hand.  The events of the day will soon be a distant memory as you're drawn into the splendour of this one.

The tempo is picked back up as the Classic Hard Rock sound comes back with a bang with ‘Red Light Angel’ and ‘One Thing’, before the smooth grooves of the classic Free like ‘Ash and Bone’. 

The Flamenco guitars of ‘A Moment of Clarity’ make way for some tuned down riff building, then it's soaring guitars all the way for some six minutes plus of pure Taz, before a quite stunning rendition of Princes ‘Purple Rain’.

The album closes with a great ballad ‘Astral Child’, which showcases perfectly the vocal talent that is Chandler Mogul and a great end to what is a multi-faceted album, which once again shows just what a great talent Taz Taylor is.  This has to put his name up amongst the best guitar players around, he truly is a really phenomenal talent.

Review by: Barry McMinn



1.  Something Is Ending 
2.  Whispers In The Night
3.  Secrets You Got Over Me
4.  Kissed by Elvis
5.  Pressure And Time
6.  Highway Song
7.  Red Line Angel
8.  One Thing 
9.  Ash And Bone
10. A Moment Of Clarity 
11. Purple Rain
12. Astral Child


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