Album Reviews
Band: Cursed Moon

Title: Rite Of Darkness

Label: Hells Headbangers

Cursed Moon is the brainchild of L.A. multi-instrumentalist Sal Yanez.  This debut album titled ‘Rite of Darkness’ is very much a fusion of Darkwave, gothic rock and early black metal.  On paper this mixture of genres may seem peculiar however, Yanez produces some outstanding results on this gem.   

What I love about this record is (A) its simplicity, (B) the abundance of killer melodies and (C) overall great songwriting.  All the compositions follow a rigid pop structure (verse/chorus) formula that are under laid by heavy doses of keys and synths.  The vocals conjure images of early Bathory and Tribulation with minimalist guitar leads/ riffs lingering in the background.  At no point did I lose interest with each chorus being as persistently catchy as the last with great melodies and unyielding bass grooves paving the way.  It is very much an ‘all killer no filler affair’ and I would be hard pressed to find a personal highpoint.  From opener ‘Gates of Hell’ to the finale of ‘Assimilate’, ‘Rite of Darkness’ is solid entertainment.  

My only criticism is that Cursed Moon does sound like a novelty affair and I am unsure of how far it can go, but for while it lasts this release is certainly worth some attention and praise.  

Horns up for this one! \m/ \m/ 

Review by: Rob Herald



1.  Gates Of Hell
2.  Rise Of The Antichrist
3.  Nightmares
4.  Ritual Sacrifice
5.  Creatures Of The Night
6.  Demon
7.  Witches Dance
8.  A Rock And A Hard Place
9.  Turn The Cross Upside Down
10. Assimilate


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