Album Reviews
Band: Serpentrance

Title: The Besieged Sanctum

Label: Vault Of Dried Bones

Emerging from the depths of Russia ‘Serpentrance’ formed back in 2014.  Original pressing for ‘The Besieged Sanctum’ was limited to a handful of cassette copies, but after several years since its original release, the bands debut EP is now finally available to the wider metal masses.  

For the most part this mini album is a hulking mass of doom / black metal worship with slow, grinding riffs laying down the murky foundations.  Although only 5 tracks in length, the Russian metallers stretch out the compositions to a somewhat tedious total of 31 minutes (it felt a lot longer).  Although geared towards my taste in the darker side of metal, ‘The Besieged Sanctum’ did very little to grab my attention.  Unintentionally, I began switching off about half way through the EP and found it difficult to get past the dense incomprehensible vocals that unfortunately engulf the instrumental section.  There is very little on offer in terms of originality and the trance like hypnotic riffs are simply not catchy enough (take a lesson from Drudkh).  The faster more black metal orientated sections were also lack-lustre and generic to say the least. 

Sorry, but this doesn’t get the horns up from me and will go down as one of the more forgettable releases this year. 

Review by: Rob Herald



1.  Sin
2.  The Aphotic Temples
3.  Among The Timeless Tombs
4.  The Tongueless Oracle
5.  The Funeral Mass Of The Abhorrent  


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