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Band: Absolva

Title: Anthems To The Dead

Label: Rocksector Records

Absolva are arguably one of the hardest working bands in the UK, touring relentlessly since their impressive debut album 'Flames of Justice' (2012), the Manchester trio return with their second studio offering 'Anthems to the Dead'.

This record offers 11 strong songs that are a testament to the NWOBHM bands such as Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and Saxon.  However, unlike so many other classic heavy metal groups, Absolva sound original enough to make them stand out amongst the crowd.  The band has carved out their own distinctive sound that immediately makes them identifiable (especially if you take their early Fury UK incarnation into account). 

'Anthems to the Dead' has many great moments such as the virtuosic shredding solos in 'Victimiser', the anthemic chorus of 'The Devils Mouth' and the Iron Maiden influenced harmonies within the title track.  From the very first track Absolva churn out great riffs without ever compromising speed and only offer temporary serenity with the beautiful 'The Altar and The Cross', before closing with the monster riff fuelled 'Silent Sacrifice'. 

'Anthems to the Dead' is a killer record and fans of classic British metal should definitely check these guys out, as Absolva donít disappoint.  

Review by: Rob Herald




1. The Devilís Mouth
2. Victimiser
3. Never Back Down

4. Anthems To The Dead
5. In Some Wild Universe
6. The Alter and the Cross
7. Live for the Fight
8. Killing Season
9. Taste The Blood
10. Soul Remains
11. Silent Sacrifice


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