Artist:  Acacia Avenue
   Title: Acacia Avenue
   Label: Lion Music

Acacia Avenue is the debut album from the band of the same name and the brainchild of guitarist and songwriter Torben Enevoldsen, who has been working on the project since 2008 and had twenty songs to work on, eleven of them becoming this album.

It’s no good having a great songs if you haven’t got great vocals for them and Enevoldsen has four mighty vocalist's appearing on this album apart from his own.  First up is MALL favourite Tony Mills, second up is Geir Rönning, the third is Torben Lysholm and finally we have Lars Säfsund.

Along with this vocal talent Enevoldsen has called on the talents of Thomas Heintzelmann for drumming duties and bass from Carsten Neumann, and together they have put together an album that mixes traditional AOR with Mel
odic Hard Rock with great results.

Opening up with Mills at the mike on ‘Don’t Call Me Tonight’, you're instantly blown away by the quality of not just Mills vocals, but the musicianship on the track, something that is carried on throughout the opus. Rönning makes his first appearance as vocalist on ‘Hold On’, a song with a more hard rock feel to this one.  Much grittier guitars and a bigger rhythm section all making this song feel much more meatier than most of the rest of the album.  Probably the most modern feeling track of the album.

If you're more into the old school AOR then check out ‘Illusion’ featuring Lars Säfsund.  A track very much in the TOTO vein and that eighties style.  More keyboard orientated than the previous two tracks and one for the diehard fans of the genre for sure.

Enevoldsen shows his vocal might on the next song ‘Jamies In Love’.  This is actually one of my favourite tracks off the album, it has a wow factor from the off, a great guitar line and quite simply rocks.
It’s back to Lysholm for ‘Can't Make You Stay’, again straying toward the Melodic Rock side of things before Enevoldson shows off his guitar skills on the instrumental ‘Mad Antenna’.

Another of my favourite tracks off the album sees Tony Mills return to the mike for ‘Wait No More’, this is one for all the Shy fans out there waiting for the new album.  This song is Mills at his very best. 

‘No Looking Back’ again has that eighties feel a gentle melody filled track on which Torben produces the goods once more. Then the tempo is picked up once more with the storming almost Van Halen like guitars of ‘Just Wanna Be With You’ before the rockier vibe of ‘Let Go’.

The album comes to a close with ‘Digging’ as Torben rocks out Free style on the final track of a great debut album.  I don’t know if this would become a touring project but as a listener this is one hell of debut and one that all fans of great Melodic and AOR will appreciate no matter what bands you're into.



01. Don't Call Me Tonight
02. Hold On
03. An Illusion
04. Jamie's In Love
05. Can't Make You Stay
06. Mad Antenna
07. Wait No More
08. No Looking Back
09. Just Wanna be With You
10. Let Go
11. Digging



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