Artist:  Adfinem
   Title: Live And Learn
   Label: PHD

Fresh from sunny Cumbria we have this debut album from the band Adfinem. Now listen carefully as I will only say this once! These guys are set to take the Electro Goth scene by storm. Quite where they have been all this time is still a bit of a mystery to me, but they are here now and they are going down well at all their gigs.

This album will appeal to a much wider audience than just the Electro Goth brigade though as it has a nice Depeche Mode/Tears for Fears influence running through it like a silver thread. These guys are good at what they do and their songs have a very modern day twist to the Electronic bands of yester-year.

The opening lines of 'H:ll' tell us that 'I can't make it on my own' ... well PD the lead singer may not be able to make it on his own, but when mixed with keyboard players Lee Adams and Paul Fisher, it seems to me that it is a distinct possibility that they make it.  Recorded at Phoenix Studios in Brampton this album really captures the spirit and essence of the band.

The sound is bright and lively enough to keep your attention throughout not only each track but also the whole album. It should be said that every track on this album was a worthy addition, to what is an impressive offering by the band. There's not one bad track on the whole album. It's easy to see where the inspiration comes from for tracks like 'Small Town', which goes a long way to describe the struggle the band have had to break out of the local scene and into the bigger picture of things.

Well one things for sure they aren't stuck in a 'Small Town' anymore. The very fact that they have been invited to play at the Whitby Goth Festival speaks volumes for what their fans think about them and the talent they have in their songs writing and performance skills.

It makes a nice change to hear a band of this genre sing about subjects other than the normal Vampires and Living Dead that so many choose as subjects for their songs. Life is for living and this band are very much alive and bursting with enthusiasm.

'What can I Do (to make you mine)' is one track that will stand out in their sets when performed live. It sounds great on the album and has a catchy beat that will hook you in from the start. The chorus equally as addictive.

Anyone who likes the great Electro bands that shaped the scene in the early years, people like Heaven 17 and Visage, will take to this album like a duck to water. Check out 'Electric Dancing' and you'll see what I mean.


   1. H:ll
   2. Charade
   3. Small Town
   4. High Life
   5. What can I Do (to make you mine)
   6. I beg Forgiveness (Remix)
   7. Nothing to Lose
   8. I Promise, I Swear
   9. Cry in Silence
  10. Electric Dancing
  11. I beg Forgiveness (Original)



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