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Band: Adrenaline Rush

Title: Adrenaline Rush

Label: Frontiers Records


Adrenaline Rush are the aptly name latest Rock sensation to come out of Sweden.  A band that first started to bear fruit when vocalist Tave Wanning and Eclipse’s Erik Martensson got together to record what would become this debut album back in 2012.  Now in 2014 with a hard rocking band behind her, Wanning and Adrenaline Rush are going to rock your world like never before.

From the opening track ‘Black n Blue’ you can hear the class behind this album, with Wanning delivering a Wendy James angsty vocal.  That same no nonsense hard rocking is continued with the fantastic ‘Change’, another all guns blazing rocker that really gets the old heart pumping.  This is rock n' roll as it was meant to be.

The big tunes come thick and fast on this album, as one gems passes another comes along to surpass the previous track, as the superb ‘Generation Left Behind’ shows.  You're just getting down from the high left by 'Change', then this one hits you like a bolt out of the blue.

The album keeps delivering the goods with the all out rocker ‘Girl’s Gone Wild’, there's more than a nod to the sunset strip sleaze rockers with this one.  It has a touch of the Motley's about it.  The album does have it's more gentle moments and ‘When We’re Gone’ is such a moment.  A gentle mid-tempo song that still has that anthemic feel about it.

It’s back up to speed with the massive 'Want It All', which has Martensson influence all over it.  If you’ve familiar with his material with Eclipse or W.E.T., then you’ll know what I mean about this one.  Then it's back to angsty vocals for the stunning ‘Too Young To Die’.

Just when you thought you’d heard the best this album has to offer, it delivers a monster that just rocks your world and that track is ‘Oh Yeah’, a great trailblazing lick drives this sing-a-long rocker.

Another big anthemic rocker is the thumping ‘No No No’, which is followed by one of my favourite tracks off the album ‘Playin’ To Win’.  This one a Celtic guitar lick behind it that really appeals the Highlander in me.

This excellent album closes as it opened, with a monster rocker in ‘Hit You Like A Rock’, that does just that and wraps up one of my favourite albums of the year so far.  I can’t wait for album number two to get another "Adrenaline Rush" of pure rock n' roll.

Review by: Barry McMinn



1. Black N Blue
2. Change
3. Generation Left Behind
4. Girl's Gone Wild
5. When We're Gone
6. Want It All
7. Too Young To Die
8. Oh Yeah
9. No No No
10. Playin' To Win
11. Hit You Like A Rock


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