Artist: Aeonian Dog 
   Title: 2012 AD
   Label: Independent Release

Hailing from Herefordshire Aeonian Dog have released twelve tracks of Classic, horns in the air, shaking your booty Hard Rock with '2012 AD'.  The album opens with the title track there's a distorted wireless, the guitars enter, then the drums and you know you are in for something special.  A decent rocking instrumental to kick off eleven tracks of sheer rocking delirium.  

'Judgement Day' ticks all the boxes, we get swirling guitars and a catchy  tune to bounce you off the ceiling, top notch drumming from Ross Blomfield keeps you moving as guitar maestros Alex Simons and Mart Price trample your senses. Then we get dirty chuggy licks as 'Miracle Man' rattles around in your mind, and is that a triangle I keep hearing  !?!, oh the solo is awesome how this band are not bigger is truly baffling. 

Fan favourite 'Pole Dance Fiend' is a rocking, fiery tune, which has been reworked and will have you moving and a grooving on the dance floor, totally catchy and damn addictive this song really does 'Take you Higher'!   'Rescue Me', NO not that 'Rescue Me'!! again has that down and dirty sound as the band take the sounds of hell, twist them and deliver a tune that the horned one would be proud of, love Mart Prices vocal style and when he tells you ... ”Rock N Roll rescued me” ... you had better believe it.  Again the musicianship is simply stunning hell yeah!.

'Kiss and Tell' is boogying, party time, and bluesy, hard rocking, jamming tuneage if ever there was.  'Rocky Road to Ruin' opens in a slower mood and then speeds up and down it’s a really nice song with intelligent lyrics that soothe and rock.  I love the way this song changes its tempo throughout and is instantly likeable.  'Trial by Fire' is about the infamous witch burnings and has intelligent lyrics telling the story, (which is loosely based on the Pendle hill witch trails).  The witch is gonna “Burn”!!!  

'Get Down Stay Down' lets the band again show how professional they are, with excellent guitars and drumming that many professional musicians would be proud of.  You cannot help but be impressed.  'Nightmare' is another crowd pleaser that will have everyone singing along in unison.  We even get a couple of tiny death grunts on this one... 

The album finishes with 'Stand up (for Rock n Roll)', a worthy end to a brilliant self-produced album and yes we should all 'Stand Up (For Rock N Roll)' check the lyrics out and stand up for Aeonian Dog! 

The band will be playing at The Cradle Will Rock in the North East in September 2013 and have plans for a lot more in 2013.  Get hold of  '2012 AD' you will not be disappointed!  It is indeed exciting times for these talented, hardworking rockers ... “HELL YEAH”!

Review by: Seb Di Gatto


1. 2012 AD
2. Judgement Day
3. Miracle Man
4. Pole Dance Fiend
5. Rescue Me
6. Kiss And Tell
7. Rocky Road To Ruin
8. Trial By Fire
9. Get Down, Stay Down
10. Nightmare
11. Stand Up (For Rock N Roll) 



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