Artist:  Aeon Spoke
   Title: Aeon Spoke
   Label: SPV

Germany’s SPV have always been associated with the more all out metal bands, but the label have taken under their wing the L.A. based trio of Sean Reinert, Paul Masvidal and Evo, who together are Aeon Spoke.

The bands debut with SPV, the self-titled release 'Aeon Spoke' is a mix of thought provoking mood-ridden nuances that are very now and will fit in with fans of The Sterophonics, Muse and the like.  Although not my usual cup of tea, this album is very easy on the ear and reflects the trio’s image for the album ... “lyrically the record explores the depths of spiritual isolation that underlies the human condition”  ... says lead singer and lyricist Masvidal.

The album is full of atmospheric tones and graces with just a touch of hard edged guitars from time to time.  The album gets underway with ‘Cavalry of Woe’ and instantly you're thrown into the mindset of the band with this deeply moving opener.

Other tracks of note are ‘Sands and Foam’, a more guitar oriented track, the haunting tones of ‘Emmanuel’, and the first single off the album ‘Pablo At The Park’ which shows the bands more mellower side.

All in all not a bad album and one which will definitely win the band many new fans.  If they could get a few shows over here in the UK then I am very confident they would go down a storm with the Muse and Stereophonic crowd.


1. Cavalry of Woe
2. No Answers
3. Sand and Foam
4. Nothing
5. The Fisher Tale 
6. Emmanuel
7. Grace 
8. Pablo at the Park
9. Yellowman
10. Silence



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