Artist:  Agankast
   Title: Welcome to The Insanitarium
   Label: Independent Release

With the demise of Atomkraft back in 1989 guitarist Rob Redhead returned to academia and got honours in graphic design and illustration before spending the rest of the 1990’s traveling.  In 2003 Rob decided to give the music business another try and after relocating to the Scottish borders he met up with vocalist Allan Scott, the two then set about bringing the world Agankast.

This the bands debut release brings together Redheads vast experience of playing with such bands as Venom, Slayer and Testament, and puts them into a big melting pot.  The resulting sound is what Agankast are all about, no nonsense down to earth metal with Redhead at the helm with his soaring guitars and backed by Scott’s menacing vocals and pounding bass.  Also along for the ride are drummer Drew Gill and second guitarist Ciaran Wright.

The album opens up with a metal onslaught in the form of ‘Reign Of Terror’ and from the off the style and method of the band is laid out for the whole world to comprehend.  The mix of thrash guitars and Scott’s growling vocals will have the metal heads among you drooling at the metal fest that is Agankast.

The album doesn’t relinquish any of its toxic metal sound as the anthemic ‘More Meat’ spews out from the speakers.

There is just a break from the metal on the intro on ‘Slave’ as the band show its gentler side, but this soon breaks away into another piece of rampaging metal with Redheads guitars shining through.

The title track ‘Welcome To Insanitarium’ starts off as if it's an instrumental track with some of the best guitars on the entire album, but then the vocals eventually come in and I think spoil what could have be a massive track as just left as an instrumental.

Another big track is ‘Within Darkness’, a track that has all the trademark metal influences behind it the soaring Slayer guitars and the rasping Venom style vocals.

The band delve into the Scottish history books for inspiration telling the story of the battle of Bannockburn with ‘The Battle Of Bannockburn’, a track that will have the Saltire’s flying high.

Another track that highlights Redhead’s prowess as a guitar player is ‘Before The Storm’.  The album closes as it began with a rampaging metal feast as guitars, bass and drums united with Scott’s vocals bringing the metal tour de force that is Agankast to the masses on ‘Gods Of Total War’.

The band have recently had a few line up changes since I was sent this review but the nucleus of the band Redhead and Scott still remain.  What with the band appearing at this years Bloodstock festival I think on the strength of this album they will go down well.


1. Reign of Terror
2. More Meat
3. Slaves
4. Welcome to Insanitarium
5. Within Darkness
6. The Battle of Bannockburn
7. Before the Storm
8. Gods of Total War




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