Artist:  Age Of Nemisis
   Title: Psychogeist
   Label: Magna Carta

The European market seems to be flooded with good quality progressive metal bands at the moment, who have stood the test of time over the past five or six years, and never succumb to the more radio friendly music that the UK seems to bandy about.

The quality progressive metal album has been in abundance of late
, and this latest release from Hungarian band Age Of Nemesis, formerly known simply as 'Nemesis', is another one of those quality albums I have had the privilege to listen too.

The album opens up with a six-part concept work 'The Psychogeist Story' which tells of a tale of a doctor who splits up from his wife and moves away with their son where he experiments on his son.  Then the mother gets a phone call to identify her ex-husband, but the circumstances of his death and his experiments with his son are lost.  Only the boy can say what really happened!

There have been some great concept albums over the years, and although this is not a concept album from start to finish, it still ranks highly among the likes of Queensryche's 'Operation Mindcrime' and 'Empire' and WASP's 'Crimson Idol' as a great concept piece.

The rest of the album starts off with the impressive instrumental 'Goddess Nemesis'.

'Eye of the Snake' has a very Eastern feel to it and the intensity of the vocals of Zoltan Kiss are some of the best on the entire album. Things are slowed down a little with 'Karma', which lets the keyboards of Gyorgy Nagy run riot on the track, and this mixed with the heavy bass line of Gabor Krecsmarik make for a very dark and moving piece.

The final two tracks on the album are some of the finest example of progressive power metal you will ever hear.  The first 'Abraxas' mixes haunting vocals with powerful guitar riffs to great effect.  The final track 'Awaking Minds' is another instrumental and the rich keyboards and semi acoustic guitars round off a truly excellent album.

The artwork on the insert contains some truly wonderful, and somewhat disturbing pictures, check it out and you'll see what I mean. The album also contains the bonus video for 'Fates Door', which in my mind finishes this package off very well indeed. Well worth checking out both musically and otherwise!


   The Psychologeist Story (1-6)
   1. Fate's Door
   2. Grey Room
   3. Faceless Enemy 
   4. Mommy's Crying
   5. Psychogeist
   6. Breaking Away
   7. Goddess Nemesis
   8. Eye of the Snake
   9. Karma
  10. Abraxas
  11. Awaking Minds



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