Artist:  Airbourne
   Title: Running Wild
   Label: Roadrunner

I first heard about Airbourne a couple weeks before Christmas, heard the track Runniní Wild  playing on the bands website.  Itís very rare for me to be impressed by one song by band to make me want to check out the CD and see emí live

Hailed as the new AC/DC, Airbourne are cross between Angus & Co and Rose Tattoo, except that Airbourne are possibly the most refreshing thing Rock n Roll has heard in quite a while.  This band just crank it up and pound it out!!  This album does what it says on the tin.  Featuring Joel OíKeefe (guitars), Ryan OíKeefe (drums), David Roads (Guitars) and Justin Street (Bass), these four Aussies have managed to re-create the similarities of AC/DC and Rose Tattoo to a tee. 

'Stand Up For Rock n Roll' kicks things off with a bang, the intro building to a frenetic pace before all hell breaks loose and itís heads down boogie to the wall.

Next up is the song that got me into the band initially. 'Runniní Wild' is a huge foot-stomping wild ride.

This leads into 'Too Much, Too Young, Too Fast', with a Kiss style intro, a mid-tempo rocker, featuring a mean, raspy vocal from Joel OíKeefe

'Diamond In The Rough', is pure 'Back In Black' era 'DC, absolutely awesome with the catchiest chorus on the album.

'Fat City' is up next and the good time barrage just doesnít stop. Joel doing his best Bon impression so far.

'Blackjack' tries to lull the listener into a false sense of security, only for the band to jump behind the wheel and drive the listener to boogietown like their lives depended on it. Try stopping your feet from moving!!

'Whatís Eatiní You', slows things down a little, but the rhythm section of OíKeefe and Street pound out the backbeat and your body just automatically moves in time.

Itís back to raciní down back alleys with Joel at the wheel as the band launch into 'Girls In Black', fast-paced and straight-forward rock n roll.

'Cheap Wine And Cheaper Women' has that Bon Scot tongue in cheekness about it'.  A mid-tempo rocker with the rhythm section pounding the listenerís brain into submission.

Penultimate song on the album is 'Heartbreaker', sounding like it should have been included on Highway to Hell.  You can hear 10,000 people screaming the chorus, fists punching the air.

'HellFire' is last up and what a way to finish. Like Lewis Hamilton racing for the chequered flag, this song doesnít let up, in fact this should be his signature tune for the next Grand Prix season. 

So there you have it, eleven kick ass, in yer face, foot-stomping, straight ahead rock ní roll songs. This album will put a smile on your face, crank it up when youíre driving or doing a bit of work around the house. Open the windows and let the neighbours or fellow drivers hear you singing along to these songs, be loud, be proud!!

*Review by Brassy


1 Stand Up For Rock N Roll
2 Runnin' Wild
3 Too Much, Too Young, Too Fast
4 Diamond In The Rough
5 Fat City
6 Blackjack
7 What's Eatin' You
8 Girls In Black
9 Cheap Wine And Cheaper Women
10 Heartbreaker
11. Hellfire



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