Artist:  Airless
   Title: Flight
   Label: Lion Music

With the festive period now just a memory away it's time to catch up with the releases of late last year, so apologies to all the bands and labels.  It's now shoulder to the wheel and pressing on into 2009 with a vengeance. 

'Fight' is the third album from acclaimed Spanish Melodic Rockers Airless and this time the band have found a little more grit than that of their previous two albums.

There is a much harder guitar sound on this album and it's felt straight away with the album opener ‘Don’t Give Up’.  Don’t get me wrong the band are still straight up Melodic/Hard rockers, but this time around guitarist Robert Rodrigo has been let off the lease a little more, not just on the opener but the entire album.  The vocals of Inaki Lazkano’s are again just superb and there is also a little more feeling in the songs this time around, which seems to really benefit the whole album from these two changes alone. 

The hard rocking continues with ‘Now Or Never’ and again the crunching more energetic guitars drive this one along.  ‘Time To Say Goodbye’ brings the tempo down with this more power ballad styling starting off with a gentle piano intro and shows that feeling I was talking about with Lazkano’s vocals taking centre stage on this one.  This song takes me back to the 80’s rock scene when power ballads ruled the airwaves.

The tempo is soon picked right back up again with ‘Twist Of The Wrist’, a great hard rock track with some quite superb pummeling drums courtesy of Pako Martinez and a thumping bass line provided by Miguel Manjon.  This is just a great up-tempo rock that reminds me very much of the hard rocking tracks provided by the likes of Bonfire and Krokus, again with the rich guitars of Rodrigo powering on through the track.

The crunching guitars and power rock continues with ‘Crying For Your Love’ and one my many favourites off the album ‘Switch Off The Light’.  Both superb guitar fuelled rock songs that will have the die hard Hard Rock fans boogieing in the aisles.

Again the tempo is switched with the atmospheric melodies of ‘Suffering’.  This darker edged track mixes Lazkano’s superb vocals with some quite stunning bridge work solo’s by Rodrigo.

After something a little deep it's time to rock it back up again with ‘Blame (the darkness part II)', another great all out rocker before being brought back back down with that power ballad feel on ‘I Don’t Need Words’.

The last two tracks leave the listener wanting more.  Firstly the modern rocker ‘One Last Kiss',  then the title track ‘Fight’, another guitar rich track that rounds off a great album and one that will surely put the band on the map.   


1 Don't Give Up
2 Now Or Never
3 Time To say Goodbye
4 Twist Of The Wrist
5 Crying For Your Love
6 Switch Off The Light
7 Suffering
8 Blame (The Darkness Part II)
9 I Don't Need Your Words
10 One Last Kiss
11 Fight 



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