Artist:  Airless
   Title: Changes
   Label: Lion Music

We are just into the new year and already 2013 is turning out to be great year for Melodic and Hard Rock, with new releases in January leaving their mark on this reviewer, and another one to add to that list is 'Changes', the new album from Spanish Melodic Rockers Airless.

It's been some five years since their last studio album 'Flight', but after a short sabbatical Iñaki Lazcano (vocals), Robert Rodrigo (guitars), Miguel Manjon (bass) and Pako Marinez de Musitu (drums), are back and are once again ready to bring another splash of Spanish savoir-faire to the Melodic/Hard Rock world once more.

‘Changes’ is pure-bred melody rich rock that will once again inspire the genre.

Things get underway with the aptly entitled ‘Start Again’, a great opening barrage of rich melodic guitars keys, bass and drums that has become the bread and butter of the band since their self-titled debut back in 2002.  Yes there is an air of Americana, but it’s the Euro panache that fuels this album.

And that panache continues with excellent ‘I Don’t Care’, that starts off with a flurry of keyboards courtesy of guest ivory tickler Diego Rois, before the guitars of Rodrigo take over, then it's back to the business of rocking once more.

That rocking continues big style with the excellent up tempo beats of ‘Upstream’, before ‘Dead Inside’, which features as guest vocalist Danny Vaughn, who adds his melodic pipes to great effect on this one.

The title track ‘Changes’ takes it up another gear as the band expand their melodic sound with a greater guitar edge.  This more edgy guitar sound is continued on with ‘Till The End Of Time’ and the keyboard infused splendour of ‘Rescue Me’.

Things get a lot more serious as the band unleash the hard hitting ‘Gone To Far’, the intro of news soundbites from atrocities from around the world lays down the message on this one, which reflects what humanity has done to his fellow man and has quite literally ‘Gone Too Far’.

It's back to the more traditional Melodic Rock side of things with ‘Reach For You’ and stunning guitar rich tones of 'Come Back Home’, before the album closes with a Hard Rock rampage with ‘Latest Prophecy’, which ends a great album and marks a wonderful return of Airless that will surely be a hit with fans of both Melodic and Hard Rock.   

Review by: Barry McMinn


1. Start Again
2. I Don't Care
3. Upstream
4. Dead Inside
5. Changes
6. Till The End Of Time
7. Rescue Me
8. Gone Too Far
9. Reach For You
10. Come Back Home
11. Latest Prophecy



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