Artist:  Airrace
   Title: Back To The Start
   Label: Frontiers Records

Back in 2010 Airrace returned to the stage as they supported Winger on their UK tour, for the first time in some 25 years after the release of their definitive debut release 'Shaft Of Light'.

Now in 2011 the band are back and are pulling no punches with their new album ‘Back To Start’.  This is the long awaited second album and sees Keith Murrells leading the way on vocals, along with stalwart original members Laurie Mansworth, Toby Sadler and with a few new additions to the fold in the form of Dean Howard and David Boyce.

This is the album the band wanted to make all those years ago, no label pressure or fitting into what seems trendy or marketable, this Airrace at their very best.

The album get's off to a storming start with ‘Keep On Going’, which just shows what a depth of talent this band has behind it, as Murrells vocals have stood the test of time.  But it’s the added edge of the bands sound that makes this album what it is, not an over polished symbol of times gone by.  This quite simply is Airrace, bigger, better, stronger and out to show the world they still have plenty of fire in their bellies.

The album keeps its Melodic/Hard Rock feel with the rocking ‘Two Of A Kind’, with the twin guitars of Mansworth and Howard the driving force behind this stunning slice of melodic hard rock.

The band keep those engines running with the excellent ‘When Baby’, the riff fuelled ‘Call Me Anytime’ and the stirring ‘So Long’, which is very Survivor-esque.

The pure bred melody rich rock continues with the title track ‘Back To The Start’ and the pop rock of ‘Just One Kiss’, before the band really let rip with the superb hard rock of ‘Wrong Way Out’ and the equally impressive ‘One Step Ahead’.  Although if you like the big licks of a twin guitar set up then ‘Enough Of Your Loving’ is really going to float your boat.  It's edgy hard rock from a grittier, edgier time.

It's all out rock once more with the bass laden bluesy feel of 'Better Believe It’, which reminds of the Mama’s Boys somewhat. The album closes out in fine style with ‘What More Do You Want From Me’, another pure bred Melodic Rock stunner to bring this great album to a close.

So to sum up, the album has a dozen great moments that will once again show the world that the debut album was just the tip of the iceberg and that there is much more still to come from Airrace.  This new album is merely the start of the next chapter in the Airrace story.


1. Keep On Going
2. Two Of A Kind
3. When Baby
4. Call Me Anytime
5. So Long
6. Back To The Start
7. Just One Kiss
8. Wrong Way Out
9. One Step Ahead
10. Enough Of Your Loving
11. Better Believe It
12. What More Do You Want From Me



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