Artist:  Airtime 
   Title: Liberty Manifesto
   Label: Escape Music

Airtime features the talents of Ric Emmett from Triumph and Michael Shotten from Von Groove.  I’m a fan of both bands and the musical ability of both men cut through the songs on this album. 

As you would expect there are overtones of Triumph and Von Groove running through the songs but a contemporary feel has been added to the mix. 

Kicking off with 'Edge of Your Mind', this song is straight forward and frenetic, one of my faves on the album, bringing to mind both Rush and Dream Theater.  The guitar playing is fluid and Michael Shotten has raised his game on the drum stool.

'Midnight Black & Blue' is a mid tempo rocker with a thundering bass line underpinning the whole song, Nickelback eat your heart out. Another fave and standout track.  'Liberty' is a song that wouldn’t seem out of place on an early Triumph album

On to 'Headstream', an acoustic interlude, once again showing Ric Emmett to be an underrated guitar player.  This leads into 'River Runs Deep', Emmett’s vocals sounding as good as ever on a straight ahead rocker.

Next up is 'Find Your Way', a song that would fit on any Sting album.  'Addicted' kicks in like Mr Big, driven along by some frenetic snare drumming from Mr Shotten, another contemporary rocker to get your teeth into.  Then it’s into some Jazz Blues in the form of 'Code 9', with some tasty Triumph phrasings.

'Rise' and 'Moving Day' continue the diversity shown throughout the album, then we’re onto 'Transmutation', an instrumental showing the musical ability of both men.  Last song on the album is 'Cryin’ Shame' and feels like a continuation of the previous track.

The muscianship on here is top notch, both men playing all the instruments and bringing a diverse range and feel to the whole project with melodies and harmonies flowing throughout.  Fans of both members bands will find something to get their teeth into.

* Review by Brassy.


   1. Edge Of Your Mind
   2. Midnight Black & Blue
   3. Liberty
   4. Headstream
   5. River Runs Deep
   6. Find Your Way
   7. Addicted
   8. Code 9
   9. Rise
  10. Transmutation
  11. Cryin' Shame (Bonus Track)



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