Artist:  Al Atkins
   Title: Demon Deceiver...Plus
   Label: Angel Air

In 1969 a little know phenomena called Judas Priest started to take form.  The band back then was a very different animal to who the band are today, but it was the nucleus of Al Atkins, Bruno Stapenhill, John Perry Ernie Chataway, all well know musicians in their native Birmingham, that really were the first incarnation of Judas Priest.

Now forty years later Al Atkins gets to celebrate the birth of British Heavy Metal heroes with the re-release of his fifth solo album ‘Demon Deceiver’, this time including tracks from Al’s latest band Holy Rage.

As Al co-wrote some of Priest’s classic songs like 'Rocka Rolla', 'Victim Of Changes', 'Dreamer Deceiver' and 'Sad Wings Of Destiny', to co-inside with the release of the Neil Daniels book Dawn Of The Metal Gods: My Life In Judas Priest & Heavy Metal, Angel Air Records have re-released the album of songs that Al co-wrote in his Priest days. 

The album is old school British Heavy Metal as it was and should be, with Al’s vocals powering through such great songs like ‘Demon Deceiver’, ‘Blood Demons And Whiskey’ and the classic ‘Victim of Changes’, which today is still one of my favourite Priest tracks of all time.

But it's the 'Holy Rage' stuff that really puts what Al has done into perspective.  The two tracks are thunderous Metal at its very best.  The first of these is ‘Give Them Hell’, a real mans metal attack with Atkins’s vocals still having that mite he did all those years ago. The other track ‘Void To Avoid’ again is just superb and with Bernie Torme laying down the licks on this one, I just can’t wait to hear a full album of this type of great old school METAL!!!


1. Demon Deceiver
2. Money Talks
3. Blood, Demons and Whiskey
4. Drown
5. Sentenced
6. Victim of Changes
7. Bleeding 
8. God Help Me
9. Cradle To The Grave
10. Dreamer Deceiver
11. Give Them Hell (bonus track)
12. A Void To Avoid (bonus track)



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