Artist: Al B. Damned 
   Title: The Darker Side Of Me
   Label: Independent Release

The debut from Al B. Damned is a self release, mixed and recorded by the band with help from Doug Cartwright.  The self-proclaimed "horror shock rocker" fronts a self-titled band.  A mix of the Murderdolls and Wednesday 13 with an ample helping of trash makes this album diverse yet listenable. 

As you would expect from a self release, the mixing isn't perfect, especially when concerning the guitars in one song, but I may be missing the point, and that is how they are meant to sound.  The album opens with an introduction, and quickly moves into a style of horror thrash Al B. Damned take as their own.  Unique and ambitious, the guys here have set out to push the boundaries not only of the horror rock scene, but also of the thrash scene. 

Al's voice is able to cope with both ends of the octave spectrum, going higher or lower as is necessary.  The rhythm is primarily provided by the lead and second guitar, whilst the bass and drums kick out riff after riff to keep them all in line.  Al's voice is most predominant and for some bands this could ruin the song, but for this it seems to mesh in completely and isnít overwhelming. 

Favourite songs at the moment include 'Katch 'Em and Kill 'Em', a simplistic rhythm which hides behind Al's strong vocals, but is simplistic enough to move to Ė whether it be a mosh or head-bang.  'Everything Can Burn' is another favourite and uses different talents of the band.  This song being more of a melodic metal reverie of a relationship/person/time of life.  This complete change in performance shows the depth and breadth of the band's skills.

Review by: Kerry H


1. Katch 'Em And Kill 'Em
2. From Transylvania With Love
3. So Far So Bad
4. Better Left Undead
5. Lust For Death
666. Hate 2 Love You
7. Dead On My Feet
8. I'd Take You're Life
9. Play Dead For Me
10. Motherf*cker
11. Pretty When You're Dead
12. The Darker Side Of Me
13. My Queen Of Halloween (2010)


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