Artist:  Alestorm
   Title: Leviathan
   Label: Napalm Records 

Party on dudes!!! This is definitely a ‘drinking’ CD.  It is one that will come out of its box on those nights where many drinks have been consumed and we want the party to continue into the wee hours.  I can see it now.  Lads dressing up as Jack Sparrow swashing a toby jug of ale around the place whilst trying to snog the local wench!!  

What I am trying to convey, is that this EP has its place and I think it will be filed along side Andrew WK!!

The CD is well produced and musically it would seem that the lads know how to play, however, I am not sure if the music will translate as well in a live set.

Review by: Janice


1. Leviathan
2. Wolves Of The Sea
3. Weiber Und Wein
4. Heavy Metal Pirates




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