Artist: Alfonzetti 
   Title: Here Comes The Night
   Label: AOR Heaven

Here we are at the start of the new and again I find myself playing catch up with albums that have slipped through the net, but this also gives me time to highlight some of the albums that you should be adding to you collections and one such release is the Matti Alfonzetti’s latest album ‘Here Comes The Night'.

This new album see Alfonzetti return the Hard Rock scene with a stunning release, although he’s never really been that far away from it as he co-wrote songs for The Poodles ‘Metal Will Stand Tall’ album.

But it's his first solo album ‘Ready’ and its follow up ‘Machine' that really got the name of Alfonzetti firmly back on the lips of the melodic and hard rock fans.  Never one to rest on his laurel's he’s always found new and exciting ways to expand in the business.

It was his return to the musical style of ‘Ready’ that really grabbed the Melodic/Hard Rock fans attention and he follows this up with this excellent release ‘Here Comes The Night’.  This is what fans of the man have been waiting for and what better way to get the album started than with ‘Losing You’.  A great opener that takes up exactly where 'Ready' left off, with an up-tempo riff laden rocker that sets the bar for the rest of the album.

This release continues to impress with the excellent title track ‘Here Comes The Night’, a real melodic gem with the main man delivering a velvet smooth vocal that will melt the hardest of hearts, before pick the tempo back up with the very modern hard edged rocker ‘I’ll Wait For You’.  Then it's back to the pure bred Melodic Rock with the stunning ‘Heartbreaker’ and that velvet smooth vocal simply oozes class throughout.

The tempo is picked up once more with the rockin’ 'Don’t Listen To Your Heart’, before bringing a touch of the blues to proceedings ‘Why Can't You Love Me’, then it's back to the rich melodies with the ballad ‘Lay Your Love On Me’.

Things really get going with the anthemic rocker 'Rock N' Roll Heart’, which is a real heads down boogie fest that will have you jumping from the off.  After that we're in need of a little cool down and what better way than with another great ballad in the form of ‘Set Me Free’.  This stunning release comes to a close with what is my favourite track off the album, the funk filled rocker ‘I Will Never Let You Fall’, which caps off a great return to the Melodic Rock fold for Matti Alfonzetti.  Its been a long time coming, but it’s well worth the wait.


1. Losing You
2. Here Comes The Night
3. I'll Wait For You
4. Heartbreaker
5. Don't Listen To Your Heart
6. Lay Your Love On Me
7. Rock N Roll Heart
8. Set Me Free
9. I Will Never Let You Fall



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