Artist:  Alice Cooper
   Title: Along Came A Spider
   Label: SPV Records

When you trawl through today’s bands there is one thing missing from them all and has been for quite sometime, the iconic ROCK STAR, a thing that the seventies and eighties rock scenes had in abundance.

And one name that personifies the ROCK STAR status is Alice Cooper, a name that fills mothers with dread when their young sons go out with black makeup on their eyes and who have a passion for wearing black.

Alice has been around since the late sixties and generation after generation has been mesmerised by the SHOWMAN that is Alice, not just live but also his albums are filled with theatrical nuance’s that have kept him at the top of the ROCK STAR tree all these years.

And again with Alice’s new album ‘Along Came A Spider’, he has filled it with eleven unmistakable Alice Cooper tracks.

This album follows Alice as the serial killer Spider, whose journey is portrayed through his gruesome diary entries as the album unfolds we are taken along his dark and mysterious path of murder and mutilation.

The album gets underway with the ‘Prologue’, a short narrative that lays down the foundations for the album as it really gets underway with ‘I Know Where You Live’ and instantly Alice draws you into Spiders world.  This one is pure Alice with its story like lyrics that have been Alice’s forte for such a long time.  This one really smacks of an opening act for any Alice show, it has that vibe about it and with the likes of Eric Singer on drums, Keri Kelly and Jason Hook on guitars and Chuck Garric on bass, you know this line-up ensues of an album full of high class musicianship.  

What Alice album wouldn’t be complete without a guest appearance and this album is no different as Slash lends his guitar wizardry to ‘Vengeance Is Mine’, another track that has all the Alice trademarks that we have come to love, great riffs wrapped around great melodies and a timeless rhythm section.

‘Wake The Dead’ carries on the serial killer thread in impeccable Alice style with Kerri and Hook that take you back to Michael Bruce and Glen Buxton days.  Whilst ‘Wake The Dead’ is old school Alice, which also features the previously unknown harmonica skills of one John 'Ozzy' Osbourne.   ‘Catch Me If You Can’ is modern day Alice, again with Kelly and Hook piling on riff after riff, along with Singer’s tub thumping splendour. 

Mixing both old and new has always been apart of Alice’s albums since what some people call his rebirth album ‘Trash’, but those of us who have followed his career from the off know this is has always been Alice’s style, mixing Hard Rock with haunting ballads.  And this is shown with the likes of ‘(In Touch With) Your Feminine Side’ and the excellent ‘Wrapped In Silk’, which are hard rock all the way.  Then ‘Killed By Love’ is straight out of ‘Welcome To My Nightmare’ and could be the new ‘Only Women Bleed’ in my honest opinion.

It's back to the seventies glam vibe with the funkster ‘I’m Hungry’ before the hard rocking theatrics of ‘The One That Got Away’, a real taste of the story telling lyricist that is Alice Cooper.

Another track that has that haunting ballad feel is ‘Salvation’, again this is old school Alice and has that 'Ballad Of Dwight Fry’ feel about it as the Spider falls for one of his intended victims, 'The One That Got Away’ and seeks Salvation from his new love.

What Alice story would be complete without that twist in the tale and he final act in the story of Spider is ‘I Am The Spider’, which rounds off another outstanding album from the master of shock rock himself.



1 Prologue / I Know Where You Live
2 Vengeance Is Mine
3 Wake The Dead
4 Catch Me If You Can
5 (In Touch With) Your Feminine Side
6 Wrapped In Silk
7 Killed By Love
8 I'm Hungry
9 Salvation
10 I Am The Spider / Epilogue



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