Artist:  Alien Ken
   Title: Son Extraordinary
   Label: Alien Ken Inc

We were mighty disappointed when Moth Circus called it a day, but fear not, not all was lost, because every cloud has a silver lining and out of the ashes came a towering sleazy driven phoenix in guitarist Alien Ken, as he makes his escape from Area 51 and heads straight for the studio to lay down the tracks for his new EP, before the Feds come down on his rockin' ass and lock him away again.

This EP is pure bred no nonsense Rock n' Roll with a capital RRRock.  It's five track of in your face guitar driven mysticism that will rock your very foundations, as you’ll understand when your senses are assaulted with the opening barrage of ‘Glitter Rambo’ and the mighty mêlée of sound that is ‘Riley Carlson’.

The sleazy fuelled riffs come thick and fast with the hard-edged ‘My OCD’ which is a mix between Monster Magnet and The Wildhearts’.

Once Ken is in his stride there is no stopping him and ‘Guilty As Charged’ shows what can be archived if you let yourself go and just play rock n' roll from the hip, and Ken sure does shoot from the hip on this one, as the distorted guitars add to the manic sense of rhythm that Ken seems to have and isn’t afraid to share.

The EP closes with another big bass filled explosion of sound on ‘Two Of A Kind’, again that Monster Magnet/ Wildhearts infusion hits you so hard and fast you don’t know how to react.  It's like getting hit by a feather wrapped around a gold bar.

If you want to hear something different and almost otherworldly, then check out Alien Ken before he phones home and returns to the stars from which he came.


1. Glitter Rambo
2. Riley Carlson
3. My OCD
4. Guilty As Charged
5. Two Of A Kind





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