Artist:  Alliance
   Title: Destination Unkown
   Label: Escape Music

The year 1997 may have seen the music industry knee deep in grunge and nu-metal but bands like super-group Alliance were keeping the Melodic Rock flag flying with their self title debut 'Alliance' on Escape Records.  With a list of members that reads like a who’s who of rock, lead by Hush frontman Robert Berry with Gary Pihl and David Lauser both of Sammy Hagar fame and completing the line-up Nightranger’s Alan Fitzgerald, the band would be a force to be reckoned with.

The year is now 2007 and Escape Music has put together a special digi-pack of the bands albums 'Alliance' and 'Missing Pieces', plus eight bonus tracks of previously unreleased material.  All re-mastered to bring out the best of the two albums and is a worthy addition to any fan of good honest Melodic/AOR’s collection.

Things get underway with the self titled album which starts off with the magnificent ‘True Meaning of Life’, an instant classic that really set the ball rolling for an great album, with Berry’s vocals being one of the highlights, not only of this track but the entire album.  The same high quality material is found throughout the album as things continue with ‘Sleepless Nights’, a bluesy AOR piece that brings out the best in Berry’s soulful vocals.

A good melodic song always stands the test of time and an album full of great tracks is a rarity but the bands ‘Alliance’ is such an album.  The splendour just oozes out of every pore of the album with such great moments as ‘Turn Around’, the more mellow soundings of ‘Rosies Cantina’ and the heavier tones of ‘Best Of Me’ to name but a few, and with the added bonus tracks of ‘My My My’, ‘This Is The World’ and ‘Tell Me Something Good’ and my pick the bunch ‘Love Win’.

The second disc is this two disc digi-pack is the reworked version of the bands 'Missing Pieces' album, which took the band to a higher level with the bands sound embarking of bigger melodies and harmonies.

This second album gets underway with ‘I’d Give Anything’ and instantly you can tell the band had really pulled out all the stops on the release and with these revamped versions there even more so.

‘Missing Piece’ is a slow burner of a track that builds itself around Berry’s vocals and Fitzgerald’s keyboards, with Pihl coming into his own half way through the track. This more mature Melodic Rock sound is carried on through the entire album as things continue with the rockier ‘Building Wisdom From The Wounds’ and ‘Call of the Wild’.

Like the bands ‘Alliance’ album this is pure Melodic heaven with some outstanding moments like my personal favourites the massive ‘I Gotta Know’ and the haunting ballad ‘It’s A Long Way To Go’, as well as the more up tempo tracks like ‘It’s My Life’ and ‘Gotta Find That Woman’ to yet again name but a few.

The bonus material isn’t too shabby either with ‘Change’, ‘Tonight’ and ‘Cross That Line’ and wrapping things up ‘The Gift’, all great additions and with the rumours of a long awaited third album in the pipeline let's hope the same high quality is present because if it is, it's sure to turn heads in the Melodic Rock quarters.


1. True Meaning Of Love
2. Sleepless Nights
3. Second Chance
4. Turn Around 
5. Rosie's Cantina 
6. So All Alone
7. Best Of Me 
8. (The World Is) Changin'
9. Endless Nights 
10. You've Changed
11. Hurts So Bad
12. Find A Way
13. My My My
14. This Is The World
15. Tell Me Something Good 
16. Love Win


1. I'd Give Anything
2. Missing Piece
3. Building Wisdom From The Wounds
4. Call Of The Wild 
5. I Gotta Know 
6. Young Blood
7. It's A Long Way To Go 
8. Without You
9. It's My Life 
10. Don't Turn Away
11. Gotta Find That Woman
12. Do It For Free
13. Change
14. Tonight
15. Cross That Line 
16. The Gift



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