Artist:  Alliance
   Title: Road To Heaven
   Label: Escape Music
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This is the third album from Alliance, featuring an all star line up of musicians, Robert Berry, vocals (Hush, GTR), Gary Pihl, guitars (Boston, Sammy Hagar), Alan Fitzgerald, keyboards (Nightranger) and David Lauser, drums (Sammy Hagar).  The first two albums just recently been combined onto digipack, re-mastered, new artwork and eight (yep EIGHT!!) bonus tracks have been added.  10 years on from the first album and is Road To Heaven a more than worthy successor to the previous two albums we ask ourselves.

The album starts off with the title track, 'Road To Heaven', a mid-tempo tune with itís keyboard opening then Robert Berry bringing his strong vocals to the table.  A melodic chorus and Gary Pihl laying down a bluesy style solo.

'I Can Breathe' is definitely a standout track on here.  Another mid-tempo song with a wonderful melodic singalong chorus.  This is one of those songs youíll find yourself singing for days afterwards.  The whole feel of this song is one of driving down a long road with the top down, the sun blazing and the music blasting.

Next up is 'Make A Stand', a piano and acoustic guitar led tune with Robertís emotive vocals pouring from the speakers.  Fitz supplies some beautiful keyboard touches on this one.

As soon as I heard 'Anything Goes' I immediately thought of The Babys, I have all the albums and am a big fan.  This song has a strong rockiní groove with a powerful vocal from Robert and some big melodies.

Following on is 'Like It Like That', is a song that wouldnít be out of place on a Bad English album. Robert has that John Waite inflection in his vocals and phrasing (listen to So This Is Eden from the Backlash album). This is a keyboard and guitar heavy song that just seeps into the brain and features an off the wall keyboard solo and some great wah-wah guitar.

'Broken Glass' is another well constructed song, big melodies and powerrful vocals  but has a so-so feel about it.

Then we have 'We Donít Talk' with itís keyboard and acoustic guitar intro before the big guitar sound kicks in. Another well executed song with powerful vocals and a catchy chorus.

And so to 'Cominí Home', the John Waite vocal phrasing is evident in the verse. Faster-paced than Like It Like That, keyboard and guitar driven with a groove all the way through, the melodies big and powerful.

'Nothiní Else I Can Do' is up next, a mid-tempo tune with some pounding drums.  This song has a U2 feel about on the chorus and some great bluesy solo guitar work.

'Walkiní Away' features a great vocal performance from Robert and some quirky keyboards from Fitz.  Another strong song with great melodies. This has a 38 Special feel to it from the era when Max Cral was in the band.

The album continues with 'Remember Those Days', another piece of 80ís aor radio friendly music, lots of melody and a catchy chorus.

A staccato keyboard and guitar intro ushers in Not Done Til Itís Done, this is a strong song that will have you grooving and shaking your ass as you walk down the street.

The album finishes with 'Much More Innocent'.  This song has a Springsteen groove to it but with a smoother and more melodic vocal and lots of keyboards.

And thatís it in a nutshell folks.  Every member of this band is a consummate muscian, the songs are well constructed with flowing melodies and catchy choruses, This is essential for those who like powerful melodic vocals, strong guitars and lush keyboards.  For me the standout tracks have to be I Can Breathe, Make A Stand, Like Me Like That and Cominí Home. Grab a copy and listen for yourself.

*Review by Brassy


1 Road To Heaven
2 I Can Breathe
3 Make A Stand
4 Anything Goes
5 Like It Like That
6 Broken Glass
7 We Don't Talk
8 Comin' Home
9 Nothin' Else I Can Do
10 Walkin' Away
11 Remember Those Days
12 Much More Innocent



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