Artist:  All The Pretty Horses
   Title: Creature
   Label: Skindog Productions 

Minneapolis based All The Pretty Horses release ‘Creature’ is without a doubt the bands finest hour (well 54 minutes and 24 seconds to be precise). An album full of mystique and intrigue that is what you expect from a band who describes their music as Dark Glam, that alone has a mysticism all of it’s own.

‘Creature’ is full of mood twists, highs and lows, an emotional rollercoaster. The album opens up with ‘Crazy to Fly’, a much heavier sound than on their previous studio album ‘Ruin’. A more drum orientated track. Then things slow down with ‘If god were Caught’ which wouldn’t be out of place on David Bowie’s ‘Ziggy Stardust’ album. Full of depth and allure a very moving track.

Then there’s ‘Hurricane’, ‘Live with a Ghost’ and ‘Society’s Cure’, which have an almost nu-metal feel to them. The harder sound continues throughout the album with ‘Kissed Adonis’ and ‘Boys/Revolution’, and ‘Lovers’.

‘Boys/Revolution’ being my all time favourite All The Pretty Horses song when performed live. It really sets those sparks of energy flying.

‘Lust’ has an early Black Sabbath feel with its very similar guitar and drum sound. ‘White Horses’ is a track I heard for the first time when the band last toured over here in the UK and is still the haunting tune that I remember sounding so great when it was played live. The album version just doesn’t so it justice and if you have seen the band perform it live you will know why.

‘Home’ is another track in similar vein but doesn’t have the same impact. ‘Another Story’ is an acoustic track that goes back to David Bowie influences and sounds. I haven’t mentioned the bands gender or look as the music is the most important thing and as the words of Boys/Revolution says …

‘…there’s a fascination, take your fear, hold it near, break apart illusions. Boys, will be girls, will be boys, it’s a revolution’…

The CD is also enhanced with the welcome addition of an MPG1 file ‘White Horses’ which was filmed and edited in NYC by Denny Daniel.


1. Crazy to Fly
2. If god were Caught
3. Hurricane
4. Live with a Ghost
5. Society’s Cure
6. Kissed Adonis
7. Boys/Revolution
8. Lovers
9. Lust
10. White Horses
11. Home
12. Another Story



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