Artist:  Almah
   Title: Motion
   Label: AFM Records

This is the third album for the Brazilian based metal outfit.  They’ve held the attention of metal-heads worldwide due to their frontman, Edu Falashi, frontman of Angra.  This is his side project and has become just as popular, due to Almah’s use of top musicians and producers to create their spell-binding albums.  For the past five years Almah have been building a history of their own, no longer a side project but a fully-fledged band.

The heaviness of the album is apparent from the first song, with the clash of drums and the recurrent yet catchy guitar riffs creating a background for the talented Edu’s vocals to take over.  This album is different from the others, in it being more experimental, but it doesn’t lose the classic Almah heavy metal sound that has so entranced fans.

The album catches the attention from the get-go, and is superbly mixed, with nothing taking precedence or taking over anything else.  This perfect mix allows for the bands’ many skilled ways of playing to become clear quickly.  The repetition here only serves to reinforce the heavy, hard hitting style that so encapsulates them as a band.  The speedy drum-work in the solos only shows more and more skills as the songs progress, with the use of different elements creating a diverse, yet rich album that takes over and shows metal what it is all about.

Review by: Kerry Henderson


1. Hypnotized
2. Living And Drifting
3. Days Of The New
4. Bullets On The Altar
5. Zombies Dictator
6.Trace Of Trait
7. Soul Alight
8. Late Night In '85
9. Daydream Lucidity
10. When And Why



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