Artist:  Almah
   Title: Fragile Equality
   Label: AFM Records

One of the albums last year that really got the Power Metal fraternity whipped into raptures was Almah’s self titled debut release, which saw Edu Falaschi step forward as a great songwriter and frontman.

Now in 2008 the Power Metal messiah has returned with yet another monstrous album that will send tidal waves among the genre once more.

This album sees Edu team up with Felipe Andreoli once more, this time they bring in the guitar duo of Marcelo Barbosa and Paulo Schroeber and drummer Marcelo Moreira to complete an outstanding line-up that simply put ROCK!

This fantastic album gets underway with rip snorting metal anthem ‘Birds Of Prey’, with the guitar duo getting things underway in fine style, leading the way for Edu’s powerful vocals and the thunderous rhythm section to really take the track forward beyond what the Power Metal genre has heard before.

Things continue with the breathtaking ‘Beyond Tomorrow’, a symphonic masterpiece that will ignite even the most die hard Power Metal fans to hail what is in fact the second coming of the Metal Messiah, this is all out power and melody combined in one fantastic package.

The last track was a great display of power and melody this time with ‘Magic Flame’, the mix of speed and melody are equally impressive especially Edu’s towering vocals along with the double kick mastery of Moreira and the splendid licks and riffs of Barbosa and Schroeber, as the pair battle in out with only one winner the listener.

After the torrent of pure bred Metal the band bring it down a touch with the fantastically humble tones of ‘All I Am’, again Edu shines vocally as he shows he can bring it down to a gentle almost ballad like refrain. 

As the lightening bolt and thunder hail the beginning of ‘You’ll Understand’, you're drawn into a dark mysterious Metal underground of towering keyboards, blood curdling guitar riffs and headstrong bass and drum rhythms, then those unmistakable vocals of Edu, this awe-inspiring slice of pure gold will simply blow you away.

There’s a complete change of pace with the semi-ballad ‘Invisible Cage’, this one starts of slowly but builds into a true Power Metal classic that paves the way for the title track ‘Fragile Equality’, a real powerhouse of a track that takes the genre to new heights of splendour with its soaring guitar work and its speed enthused drums and bass, all wrapped around Edu’s fantastic metal vocal.

The powerhouse speed metal continues with ‘Torn’, an all out full throttle piece then its brakes on for the majestic tones of ‘Shade Of My Soul’, before this fantastic album closes with ‘Meaningless World’, a track that will unite the fans of Angra and Almah once and for all as the track erupts like a volcano spewing out molten metal.

This is one hell of a release once again from Almah that once again shows the might of Edu and rest of the band and the rest of the genre have to follow this new milestone on future releases.


1. Birds Of Prey
2. Beyond Tomorrow
3. Magic Flame
4. All I Am
5. You'll Understand 
6. Invisible Cage
7. Fragile Equality 
8. Torn
9. Shade Of My Soul 
10. Meaningless World



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