Artist:  The Almighty
   Title: Anth'f***ing'ology The Gospel According To ...
   Label: Sanctuary Records

What can I say about The Almighty, they're a band that I grew up with and loved from the off with their powerhouse rock that just blew you away.  The bands debut album ‘Blood, Fire and Love’ is still one of my favourite albums of all time and still gets the dust blown off the vinyl now and again for old times sake.

This new anthology is the ultimate singles collection from the band and not only features all the bands singles over the years, but also some specially selected tracks from the band themselves.  The full package will be a two disc pack that will have the singles on the first disc and on the second disc will be a DVD, which will have the 13 promo videos for the bands singles.  Accompanying this two disc set will also be a booklet featuring photos of the band through the years, the bands complete discography, plus sleeve notes by Dave Ling and Iron Maiden's Steve Harris. 

This is a must for all fans of the band both young and old, with classic cuts like ‘Destroyed’, ‘Power’ and the one that got me into the band the excellent ‘Wild And Wonderful’.  All taken from ‘Blood, Fire And Love’.  The second album ‘Soul Destruction’ showed the band weren’t a one trick pony and included some real stompin’ rock tracks on it with ‘Free And Easy’, 'Devils Toy’ and a personal favourite off that album ‘Little Lost Sometimes’, all of which feature on this collection.

The band delved into a heavier sound with the next album ‘Powertrippin’ but still came up with some anthemic metal with the bass ridden ‘Addiction’ and the splendid ‘Over The Edge’ and ‘Out Of Season’.

The heavier stuff just kept on coming with the next album ‘Crank’ as the single ‘Wrench’ showed and one of my very favourite Almighty songs ‘Jonestown Mind’.

The final two singles were taken off the ‘Just Add Life’ album and showed the band still had what it took to blow the roof of any venue, with the hard rockers ‘All Sussed Out’ and ‘Do You Understand’.

Some of my favourites from the specially selected tracks are the soul wrenching ‘Jesus Loves You…But I Don’t’ from 'Powertrippin', ‘Ongoing And Total' from 'Just Add Life', the hard hitting ‘Broken Machine’ from 'The Almighty', and finally ‘Ruse’ from 'Psycho Narcho’.

With the band returning to the road with a serious of dates in the UK straight after Christmas, (well Boxing Day actually!), this is an excellent opportunity to see the original line-up of Ricky Warwick, Floyd London, Stumpy Monroe and Pete Friesen doing what they do best in a live environment,  rocking hard.  This reunion may not be a full time venture so get yourself down to these shows and checkout one of the most overlooked UK rock phenomena’s of the late eighties and early nineties.

Tracklist includes:

1. Destroyed
2. Power
3. Wild & Wonderful
4. Free n Easy
5. Devil's Toy
6. Little Lost Sometimes
7. Addiction
8. Over The Edge
9. Out Of Season
10. Wrench
11. Jonestown Mind
12. All Sussed Out
13. Do You Understand
14. Jesus Love You ... But I Don't
15. Ongoing And Total
16. Broken Machine
17. Ruse




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