Artist:  Altaria
   Title: Unholy
   Label: Escape Music 

Never heard of this band before but then there are loads of bands out there I never hear about. 

Finnish band Altaria, featuring new singer Marco Luponero, have a steadfast European metal sound, very close to Iron Maiden in fact.  This is their fourth album since their inception in 2000.  Itís a very guitar driven bunch of tracks that sit between metal and melodic rock.

The opening three tracks, 'Alterior Motive', gang vocal chorus, Warrior, coming across with a chorus you could hear Manowar doing and Unholy Invasion are probably the best on here. 

Although 'The Lake' sees the band change tack with the acoustic guitar opening and theatrically adventurous styling.

'Steal Your Thunder' with rather cheesy backing vox and 'Wind Beneath My Wings' (no! not that song!!), energetic and commercial, must also be given an honourable mention.

Marcoís vocals are very rough and there are times when I thought he was singing out of tune.  The guitars, bass and drums are tight, but the quality of the songs is lacking somewhat.  This is old school rock with each track bite-sized for maximum effect

Review by Brassy


01. Alterior Motive
02. Warrior
03. Unholy Invasion
04. Pride & Desire
05. The Lake
06. Danger Zone
07. Steal Your Thunder
08. Wind Beneath My Wings
09. We Own The Fire
10. Ready!
11. Never Wonder Why
12. Underdog



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