Artist:  Alterbridge
   Title: ABIII
   Label: Roadrunner records

What would you expect from one of the most talked about rock singers of this year, and members of another current well known band coming together to record an album?

Well, something on the lines of 'ABIII' if you're lucky, as it blows everything else away that comes up against it.  Myles Kennedy is the vocalist who has had a rather good year to say the least, a guest singer for Slash on his solo album, and allegedly touted as singer for Led Zeppelin.  The band?  Only 3 members of Creed!  Says it all really.

This album bursts into life with the mean and moody 'Slip To The Void', it's tentative opening only delaying the grinding assault to follow by the band, Kennedy's lungs possibly at bursting point at times.

First single for promotion 'Isolation', a more metal orientated track than you'd expect for Alter Bridge, the powerful riff as good as what you get anywhere, unashamedly as well!

You still get those melodic melodies though, don't worry.  'Ghosts Of Days Gone By' along with 'Wonderful Life', the warm yet thought provoking lyrics quite close to Kennedy's heart as he sings it, front runners for the tamer songs.  The vocalist seems to have found his vocation with Alter Bridge, his voice as home with everything the musicians throw at him, whether on the gentler side for the ballad types of 'All Hope Is Gone' and its soaring vocals, right through into the power packing moments on 'I Know It Hurts' and the dark imaging 'Show Me A Sign'.

The group slip into Creed mode on both 'Fallout' and 'Life Must Go On', where that quiet guitar hook to begin with will be unmistakable to that band's fans, but they shouldn't kick up a fuss ... hopefully!  It was always going to happen at sometime, so why not here?

Throw into the pot, the ballsy, but not over heavy 'Make It Right', 'Words Darker Than Their Wings' and the classy, two tier melodic 'Coeur d'Alene', then you just can't go wrong with this album at all.  Even lead guitarist Mark Tremonti shares the vocals, taking over at times, so there's no end to the talent on board!

You can tell that Alter Bridge have stepped up to the plate on 'ABIII' even pushed themselves over that limit to produce what could easily become what may one day be described as a modern day classic and one t be very proud of.  The only thing is, juts how good is album number 4 going to be??

Review by: Bob Baldwin


1. Slip To The Void
2. Isolation
3. Ghost Of Days Gone By
4. All Hope Is Gone
5. Still Remains
6. Make It Right
7. Wonderful Life
8. I Know It Hurts
9. Show Me A Sign
10. Fallout
11. Breathe Again
12. Coeur d' Alene
13. Life Must Go On
14. Words Darker Than Their Wings



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